Made In The Midwest USA: 6 Things I Love About My JORD Wooden Watch

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

For the past 12 years, I have worn a watch every. single. day.  This goes back to when I signed up to work on a summer camp and a watch was one of the requirements.  I honestly think my arm would feel naked if I didn’t wear one now and I couldn’t imagine not having the time right there on my wrist!  My latest watch is a Walnut and Midnight Blue ‘Cora Polaris’ wood watch by JORD.  This unique timepiece has some really cool features, I share 6 things that I love about my JORD wooden watch below!

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with JORD.  I was sent a complimentary watch in return for my review and social media coverage.  As always opinions are 100% my own.

JORD Women’s Watches

JORD Wood Watch Review

Wooden Watch JORD

Cora Polaris: 6 Things I Love About My Women’s Wooden Watch by JORD

1. Based In The Midwest

JORD was established in 2013, right here in the Midwest, from St Louis Missouri!  JORD, pronounced ‘yode’ (like toad!) is a Swedish word meaning ‘Earth’.  They create wooden watches for women and men, as well as wooden sunglasses and leather and wood bands for Apple watches!

JORD watches designed in St Louis MO

2. Ethically Sourced Wood

I recently reviewed the Life Less Ordinary bracelets, that pride themselves on only using tagua seeds for their bracelets that have already fallen to the ground.  JORD works in the same way!  The wood used in their products come from trees that have already fallen, so they aren’t contributing to deforestation.  Some of the more exotic wood species actually come from furniture remnants!  All the wood is dried naturally to ensure that the watches are durable.

Women's Wooden Watches

I’ve been wearing ‘wooden’ accessories for a while now.  My El Camino Bracelet has dark wood and coconut spacers and I have a pair of wooden look sunglasses that I’ve been obsessed with.  My Cora Polaris goes great with both of these!

Wooden Watch Accessories

(Glasses not JORD)

3. There’s NO battery!

My favourite feature of the Cora Polaris is that there’s no battery!  It’s a self winding automatic watch that ‘winds itself’ with regular day to day wear, body movements are enough to keep it ticking!  It has a reserve of 40 hours and can also be wound by hand to ‘start it up’ again.  In these modern times where EVERYTHING needs charging (phones, Fitbits…) it’s quite refreshing to know that it won’t run out and will continue to tell the time, without having to remember when it was you last charged it!

Open Heart Automatic Watch

4. You Can SEE The Workings!

Is it just me or is anyone else obsessed with seeing the internal workings of gadgets?!  When I was younger, I was the proud owner of a see-through Pocket GameBoy and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!  The Cora Polaris is referred to as an Open Heart Automatic Watch.  On the clock face there is an open heart window where you can peak through and see the cogs.  The back is even cooler, it has a large window where you can see all the workings and movements!

JORD Wooden Watch Open Heart

Both the front and back have scratch proof sapphire crystal, so it should be tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear!

5. My Guilty Pleasure: Swarovski Crystal!

I love Swarovski crystal, I have a couple of full sized ornaments which are so sparkly!  The Cora Polaris has 7 Swarovski crystals which form the star constellation the ‘Little Dipper’, or what I like to call, the frying pan!

Wood Watch with Swarovski Crystal

It is one of the few constellations (along with Orion’s Belt) that I remember looking for and being able to point out as a kid!  With the the dial being Midnight Blue in colour, the watch really does look like the night’s sky. The North Star of the Little Dipper constellation sits at 12o’clock on the watch face which is another nice touch.

JORD Wooden Watch Swarovski Crystal

The watch hands also slightly glow in the dark!

The Cora Polaris collection also has watches in: Zebrawood and Turquoise, Koa and Rose Gold or Maple and Vintage Bronze.

6. The Size Is Perfect

I’m a huge fan of chunky watches, despite having tiny little wrists I’ve always worn large watches!  The Cora Polaris is a mixture of metal and wood.  The metal watch face is framed with walnut wood and takes up the majority of my wrist, which is perfect.  The strap is mainly wood with metal edges, that is comfortable to wear.  The strap is quite a bit narrower than the dial but is designed to still give the most support and structure while having a bracelet like feel!

Wooden Watch for Women by JORD

Links can be added or removed to make the watch larger or smaller.  It is recommended that you either order the correct size with JORD or have it altered by a professional jeweller, rather than attempt to change it yourself.

The clasp is very secure with a double click closing and a push button release, it’s very easy to take on and off by yourself!

Caring For Your JORD Watch

Each watch comes delivered in a fancy box, complete with a cleaning cloth and a small tube of wood preserve to help keep the watch in the best condition (the tube has enough oil for 4 applications, more can be purchased on their website).  The watches are designed to be splash resistant, which means that they are fine when it comes to being caught in the rain or splashes from a tap.

JORD wood

The Cora Polaris is advertised as being waterproof to 5ATM.  I’m not really a fan of waterproof ratings as they can often be confusing to the everyday user.  5ATM technically means that it’s depth tested to 50m.  If the watch wasn’t moving, then yes, it could well stand this pressure.  However, things like swimming required a HIGHER ATM despite the fact that you’ll probably never go down to 50 metres!  For swimming/baths etc I wouldn’t trust anything less than a 20ATM waterproof rating.


JORD ship for free worldwide.  You can also have many of the watches or the special wooden display boxes engraved for free, which is great if you plan on giving one away as a gift!

Wood Watch JORD

To see all the wooden watches and accessories available, you can visit the JORD website.  The Cora Polaris is just one collection, there are several other different styles of watches, including the Apple watch bands!

JORD wooden watches for women

Do you wear a watch? Which wood watch would you choose?

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