Tips And Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells For Adults!

I spend all week working with children so not being funny, during my time off, I appreciate adult time!  I was slightly worried that staying at a big family resort in the Wisconsin Dells it may be over run with kids and not suitable for adults, but it was OK! In this Wisconsin Dells for adults guide, I share with you some of the tips and tricks and things to do in Wisconsin Dells for adults!

Wisconsin Dells for Adults

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Tip 1 – Visit Wisconsin Dells in winter/outside of summer!

Summer is peak time in the Wisconsin Dells.  Yes you get the benefit of all the outdoor waterparks and attractions being open, but it’s generally more expensive to stay and obviously with the kids being out of school, it’ll be more busy.  Even without the outdoor water parks, there are plenty of indoor activities and things to do in Wisconsin Dells in winter to keep you entertained!

Wilderness Waterpark Wisconsin Dells

Tip 2 – Visit During The Week

As adults, we aren’t necessarily tied to school times.  If you can book a few days off and visit during the week, there’ll be less people and more adult friendly!  We drove up on a Thursday evening, staying Thursday and Friday nights.  Friday morning was pretty relaxed, the waterparks were fairly empty, but by Friday evening/Saturday the masses arrived.

Just make sure you double check with opening times of attractions.  At the Wilderness Resort, on Thursday only 3 out of 4 indoor waterparks were open, on Friday the 4th opened up late in the afternoon (minus 1 water slide) and on the Saturday everything was operating as usual.  But this does vary throughout the ‘winter’ season.

Wilderness Klondike Kavern

The Wilderness also offer discounted weekday stays if you visit Wisconsin Dells in winter/off season!

If all else fails, The Sundara Inn and Spa is a complete adults only hotel but it does seem to cost a small fortune to stay there!

Wisconsin Dells Indoor Activities

Wisconsin Dells Indoor Waterparks – The Wilderness Resort

You can’t not go to Wisconsin Dells ‘Waterpark Capital of the World’ and not visit a water park!  Even when the outdoor ones close, the indoor ones stay open.

Wisconsin Dells Indoor Water Parks

We decided to stay at The Wilderness Resort.  The room rate gives you free entrance to all of the waterparks on site (4 indoor water parks and during the summer, 4 outdoor ones too).  You can start using them from 12pm on the day of check in and up until the end of the day you check out (you just have to be out of the room by 11am).

I was surprised by the amount of indoor water slides that were great for adults.  Many had height and weight limits that younger children weren’t able to go on.  We could even ride on the kids slides…except 1, but I was let on because I was only just over the height line…

Wild West

Personally I thought the ‘Wild West’ was the best indoor waterpark for adults at the Wilderness as it had the most extreme slides.  My favourite was ‘The Black Hole’ which was so FAST and what I like to call, a toilet bowl slide!  This park does seem to be closed during the week more than the others.  There’s also a small indoor/outdoor hot tub.


The Black Hole from the outside!

Klondike Kavern

The Klondike Kavern lacked seating, but it has the Hurricane raft ride, another major thrill water slide that looks like a giant sideways funnel.  It also has the Claim Jumper Challenge which is a cross between a water slide and a video game.

In all honesty, I was useless at it.  The tube had coloured buttons on the handle and when you passed under a light in the tunnel (at speed), you had to then hit the matching coloured button.  It could also be ridden with a 2-person tube, minus the buttons and just enjoyed as a slide, which I thought was much better as it went faster with 2 people.

Wilderness Resort Slideboarding

Wild WaterDome

The Wild WaterDome is mainly just a giant wave pool (the largest indoor wave pool in the USA!) and two 4-person raft slides.  This is the best park if you just want to relax, it’s the only one with sun loungers.  The design of the roof means you can actually tan all year round…even in winter apparently!  But that does mean you may need to use sun cream as it lets UV rays through still.  The Wild WaterDome is also home to Margarita’s swim up bar, for guests over 21.

Wilderness Wave Pool

One great thing about staying at a resort with plenty of bars is that you don’t have to worry about a designated driver!  Standard cocktails cost $10, however many people were drinking giant (take home) Margaritas in refillable cups with lids, which were $26 with $16 refills (plus tax – if I remember correctly!)

Wilderness Cocktails

Guests are given towel cards to exchange for pool towels.  You are free to take the pool towels between the waterparks/back to your room etc.  Just don’t lose the card, or the towel, because you’ll have to pay.  There are lockers available (for a fee) but I’d just cover up my small bag with my towel and clothes, this worked fine for me.  Water drinking fountains are dotted around the parks and hotel too, so if you take a water bottle you can fill it up for free.

All the pools are connected by indoor walk ways.  Klondike Kavern and the Wild WaterDome are the closest together, with a ‘shortcut’ connecting the two.

Polka Dot Pots

Wisconsin Dells Indoor Activities Painting

A great indoor activity in the Wisconsin Dells for adults is painting pottery at the Polka Dot Pots!  We spent 2 hours painting during our stay!  I was surprised by the amount of kids that were doing the pottery as the pieces were VERY expensive (but then maybe some families have a lot more money than what my budget allows)!  There were small pieces available for under $15 but the majority of the ‘good’ items were between $30 – $50.  During my stay they were offering a voucher for a free circle ornament (valued $13) when you spent over $30.

All paints and supplies were included and if you finished your pottery by 4pm it’s ready to collect by 11am the following morning.

Mini Golf

Wilderness Resort Indoor Mini Golf

I’m obsessed with mini golf.  The Wilderness had an indoor ‘backlit’ 3D 9 hole mini golf course for $6 per person.  The 3D glasses definitely make it extra challenging!  There are a couple of other indoor mini golf courses in the Wisconsin Dells, but I’d recommend the outdoor Pirates Cove course which I believe is open until the middle of November.  They have 5 courses, totalling 91 holes with different difficulties.  We found that it was mainly adults playing the ‘difficult’ course and families with children playing the easier ones (make sure you check out the giant sun dial while you’re there).

Pirates Cove


The Wilderness Canyon Zipline Tour is available to both guests and non guests of the Wilderness Resort and is open year round.  Guests of the hotel receive a discount ($45 guests/$65 non guests)!  Bigfoot Zipline Tours, another ziplining company in the Wisconsin Dells also operate year round too.

The Wilderness Resort have an indoor ropes course, climbing walls, games arcades and an indoor go-kart track.  It is possible for adults to do these activities too but obviously they are aimed at younger guests.  We debated about doing go-karting but the karts looked very slow in comparison to tracks aimed at adults.

Wilderness Zipline

Other Wisconsin Dells Indoor Attractions

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

We came to the conclusion that to get the most out of the Tommy Barlett Exploratory you’d need to be an adult or an older child.  There are almost 200 science experiments and brain teaser type puzzles that I think would be lost on a younger visitor.  We spent 2 hours playing with the hands on exhibits and had a great time.  Entrance is $15 for an adult ticket, but if you pick up one of the Wisconsin Dells travel guides, most have a 20% off discount coupon.

Wisconsin Dells Tommy Bartlett Exploratory

Downtown Wisconsin Dells

Downtown Wisconsin Dells has lots of shops, restaurants and attractions such as Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, WizardsQuest, paintball shooting ranges and old time photo studios.  I really liked the look of the Bavarian village shops.  We ate at Monks Bar & Grills which had good reasonably priced food.

Downtown Wisconsin Dells

Other Wisconsin Dells Attractions

Honestly you could spend an absolute fortune at the Wisconsin Dells.  I haven’t even touched on the boat trips along the Wisconsin River which range from the Ducks (boats that can drive on the land too!) to jet boats!  You’ll find wildlife parks and several other indoor museum type attractions.  It’s almost like Wisconsin’s version of a mash up between Las Vegas and Orlando, it’s kinda tacky but I love it!

Wisconsin River

Places To Eat in Wisconsin Dells

Grateful Shed Truckyard

The Grateful Shed is a very unique place to eat in the Wisconsin Dells!  It’s located in an old Greyhound bus depot and features several permanent food trucks and a bar.  My favourite part is the seating options!  You can sit in the backs of old truck beds, a REAL converted bus that’s ABOVE the bar or in Volkswagen buses!

Wisconsin Dells Grateful Shed Food Trucks

The decor is SO colourful and there’s an outside seating area with a fire pit, giant Jenga and Bags.  I had a burger and a slushy!  The food trucks close up at 9pm but the bar, serving several different beers from local Wisconsin and Midwest breweries, is open daily until midnight and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Wisconsin Dells Grateful Shed Food Trucks

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty

I went to Paul Bunyan’s for the all you can eat Lumberjack breakfast.  Rather than it being a typical buffet, all the food is served in ‘small amounts’ to the table, the idea being if you finish anything you can then ask for more!  The breakfast includes: pancakes, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy, fresh (warm!) homemade donuts, orange or apple juice, coffee and water.  We found what was served up was plenty for 2 of us to eat without needing anything else, we only asked for a juice top up!

Wis Dells Paul Bunyans Cook Shanty

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty closes for the season near the end of October and re-opens in early spring.  They are also open on various days for lunches and all you can eat dinners.

Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Co.

First things first.  You are not too old to wear the moose antlers!!  Every visitor is given cardboard moose antlers to wear…obviously they are optional, but I’m not going to lie, I did judge the adults that chose not to wear them!  Even the delivery cars have giant moose on the roofs!

Wisconsin Dells Moosejaw

Yes Moosejaw is considered a pizza restaurant, their thick crust pizza bases are most certainly very THICK (and tasty), but they have a wide menu with many other dishes to pick from!  I had the Friday ‘cod special’ which was very nice.

Wisconsin Dells Moosejaw

For the adults, upstairs is the Dells Brewing Co. microbrewery which has 12 beers always on tap.  For the designated drivers (or children), they also make their own sodas with free refills, I had the Kiwi Lime soda. Both the sodas and the beers are available to buy and take away!

Moosejaw also offer a buffet breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the off peak season and every day in the summer season.

For more information on things to do in the area, check out the Wisconsin Dells website!

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Wisconsin Dells for Adults

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  1. Wow what an incredible place, never heard of it before but it looks like a major resort almost. Love all the water parks but you’re so right about the fact that you could spend a fortune there. So much to do. Great.


  2. Great tips! I really love hearing about things suitable for adults at otherwise family-orientated attractions – just because I don’t have kids, it doesn’t mean I don’t like having fun, and sometimes things geared towards families can be a little off-putting.


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