Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Bracelet: Ethical Travel Jewellery!

Last Updated on August 6, 2022

I’m a huge fan of travel themed jewellery, especially the friendship style bracelets.  Because I’m very active, I find that typical chain jewellery just doesn’t last, the chain breaks and then I end up losing them.  I recently walked by an expensive jewellery shop in Greece and the store assistant was like “you need jewellery to remember your trip!”  And I was like errrr got anything made out of string?!?  So when I was recently contacted by ‘Life Less Ordinary’ to advertise their coordinates bracelet, I jumped at the chance!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Life Less Ordinary.  I received a complimentary custom coordinates bracelet in return for my review, and will be giving away a pair of coordinates bracelets to one lucky reader!  As always, opinions are my own.

Life Less Ordinary

Life Less Ordinary is an ethical handmade jewellery company based in Brighton, UK.

Tagua Seed

Life Less Ordinary use Tagua Seed for their personalised and non customisable jewellery.  It’s also known as vegetable ivory because of its natural colouring and its properties which are very similar to that of ivory.  The great thing about using Tagua Seed is that it’s cruelty free and sustainable.

I looked into the production of jewellery from Tagua Seeds.  When the nut is ripe and ‘ready’ it falls to the ground, so no need to pick them off the trees!  It takes 2 YEARS for the nut to dry naturally so it becomes solid like ivory!

Each seed has unique patterns and colourings so no two will ever be the same.

Coordinates Bracelets

The company pride themselves on only dealing with suppliers that have good working conditions and fair wages for the workers.

On top of this, 10% of the net profits also get donated to charity!  Life Less Ordinary support Indigo Volunteers, that currently have projects helping refugees and developing communities in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Mexico, Greece and Cambodia to name a few.

Coordinates Bracelet

As I said, I love travel themed jewellery, and one of Life Less Ordinary’s feature pieces is the Fernweh, coordinates bracelet.  Fernweh is a German word which translates to ‘farsickness’, a ‘longing for distant places’.

The toughest part was choosing which longitude and latitude coordinates I wanted on my bracelet!  I toyed with several ideas before I settled on:

51°53’08.2″N 0°33’47.7″E

As an expat, I like things that tie me to home.  The coordinates on my bracelet are for a field and woodland area that was close to my house growing up.  It was the first place that I truly explored.

I seemed to come from the last generation of kids that *shock horror*, didn’t grow up with gadgets and electronics.  I spent my time outdoors with other kids down my road.  We climbed every tree we could find (nick naming one the ‘Camp Tree’), made dens in bushes, rode skateboards down hills, I felt like Bear Grylls before I even knew who Bear Grylls was!

It’s still an area that I love going for walks along, even as an adult.

Custom Colours

Another thing I love about the Life Less Ordinary coordinates bracelet is that you can customise the colour of the band.  You can choose from: black, brown, green, blue and burgundy OR you can have a combination of 2 colours.  I picked a combination of green and black because it reminded me of the colours of the location I picked for the coordinates…kinda like forest colours!Coordinates Jewellery

I have quite small wrists and I found that my bracelet fits me perfectly.  The band is fully adjustable so it can fit a wide range of sizes.  It can be worn tight or loose and I LOVE bracelets like this that have a waxed coating because they are strong and once you’ve adjusted it, it tends to hold its size, they don’t slip and get looser while you’re wearing it.

Other Coordinates I Considered

Below are some of the other longitude and latitude coordinates that I considered:

51°53’01.5″N 0°33’14.6″E – The Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens, Essex UK (one of my favourite almost ‘secret’ places in my home town)

51°47’10.8″N 1°09’18.7″E – Clacton Pier, Essex UK (I love the seaside!)

50°46’42.1″N 4°33’18.8″W – Widemouth Bay Caravan Park, Cornwall UK (The turning point in my life where the travel bug bit and I decided I wanted to take Travel and Tourism at college and travel EVERYWHERE)

21°30’55.4″N 157°50’09.7″W – Kualoa Regional Park, Oahu Hawaii (My favourite ‘beach’ in the world)

Sahara Desert Erg Chebbi Sunrise

31°04’46.6″N 3°59’34.1″W – Erg Chebbi, Moroccan Sahara (One of my all time favourite travel experiences)

33°51’08.6″S 151°12’38.6″E – Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia (My very first bucket list goal which I ticked off in 2008)

I also considered choosing coordinates for somewhere that I HAVEN’T been, to remind me to always work towards my dreams.

Ideas For a Pair of Bracelets

Life Less Ordinary also sell pairs of bracelets and are giving away a PAIR of coordinate bracelets to one of my readers, so keep reading for a chance to enter!  They have personalised product lines that are aimed at couples and even wedding days (including cufflinks and necklaces which can also be personalised with dates or initials).

Some ideas for coordinates that you could use for a pair of bracelets include:

  • The place you met
  • First house
  • A favourite trip
  • Where you got married
  • Where you got engaged
  • Honeymoon location
Coordinates travel bracelets

How to Find Coordinates For a Location on Google Maps

Life Less Ordinary can help you find coordinates for your custom jewellery.  However if there is a particular building or tree (like in my case!), you can easily find the longitude and latitude coordinates yourself on Google Maps.

If you are on a laptop or computer, find the location that you want on Google Maps.  Right click on the exact spot and a drop down menu will appear.  On the menu, go to ‘What’s Here?’.  A small box will come up that has the town or place name and underneath in light grey is a bunch of numbers.  Click on the numbers and in the left hand side bar the coordinates will be displayed!

The coordinates get printed in digital format which are the bottom, smaller set of numbers, that appear in the side bar on Google Maps.  I originally sent them in the format that I show in this post but they were able to get the digital format from the coordinates that I supplied!

Pair of Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Bracelets Giveaway WINNER

Thanks to everyone that entered the competition, congratulations to Chelsea for winning a pair of coordinates bracelets!

Check out other bracelets and jewellery available on the Life Less Ordinary website!  I love the look of the VW bus bracelet and the ‘Signature’ Handwriting Bracelet…what a cool idea!!

Kylie Signature

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Custom Coordinates travel jewellery from Life Less Ordinary

25 thoughts on “Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Bracelet: Ethical Travel Jewellery!

  1. These are so cute! I can think of a million fun ideas but I think maybe I would get one for my mom and one for me with each of our coordinates (each wears the other’s coordinates.) She recently moved like 20 hours away and it would be fun for us.

    1. Yeah, a hometown will be a hometown no matter what happens in life! I find that my favourite travel destinations are always changing but that location will never change!

  2. I would like to either get the coordinates to my Grandparent’s house in the countryside where I was raised- they are long gone and the house sold- and it’s sad not being able to see it any more- or the coordinates to one of my favorite childhood places, Table Rock State Park in South Carolina

    1. While I was back home in the summer, me and my mum walked to go and see the house where she grew up and where my nanna used to live. It was a strange experience for me so I can’t imagine what it was like for her!

  3. These are really unique bracelets, I will be sure to check them out. I always like the idea of doing something with coordinates, it adds a unique and very special customization to whatever you are working with.

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