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As a Brit, pumpkin patches are a bit of a new concept for me.  We have corn mazes back home but pumpkin patches are certainly not something that I grew up ‘around’ as such.  Since living in America, I have been to 2 pumpkin patches in Iowa, both completely different from each other.  For the readers that may not have been to one before, imagine a farm shop selling pumpkins and other homemade goods such as jam/jelly with the addition of a farm style type ‘theme park’, and you won’t be far off!

Pumpkin Patches in Iowa

Enchanted Acres – Sheffield

(Disclosure AD: Thank you to Enchanted Acres for hosting my visit, as always opinions are my own)

๐Ÿ—บ1071 250th St, Sheffield, IA 50475 (20 mins from Clear Lake/30 mins from Mason City)

๐Ÿ“…Sunday 27th October 2018 (Fri – Sun)

๐Ÿ’ฐ$5 per person/under 2’s free (special events cost extra)

Pumpkin Patches Enchanted Acres Iowa
(Aerial photo of Enchanted Acres – Sheffield IA)

‘Fall’ and halloween are MASSIVE in the USA so it’s no surprise that pumpkin patches are so popular, especially in rural Iowa!  I visited one by myself so could view it from an adult’s perspective, and another with the day job, with 20 odd 4 and 5 year olds! 

When I was travelling solo, I was able to observe the pumpkin patch on a regular open day. Families would turn up, go crazy on the play equipment, have their yearly ‘how tall this fall’ picture and then literally jam pack a wagon full of pumpkins. Maybe for halloween carving, maybe for home decor. Either way it was a whole family affair which is obviously an annual tradition for most people! (FYI the toilets are usually porta potties!)

Pumpkin Patches Iowa

2021 marks Enchanted Acres 10th year anniversary.  What I love about this pumpkin patch, is that they have activities that are aimed at adults.  Most seem to be very child orientated but at Enchanted Acres they host events for adults too!

Pumpkin Patch farm attractions

Goat Yoga

During my visit, I was able to attend goat yoga (my second goat yoga session!  The first was at Coco’s Ranch in Cedar Rapids).  There was only one child in the session, the rest were all adults and the turn out was HUGE!  The goat yoga session took part in the barn (which also holds kids craft activities/pumpkin painting and ‘books in the barn’ storytelling) and we were joined by 4 goats, that were free to wander around us…one tried to eat my yoga mat!  

The reality of goat yoga, is that not much yoga really gets done,  so don’t expect a ‘serious’ session!  It’s just too hard to resist giving the goat a stroke as it trots by!

Pumpkin Patches in Iowa Goat Yoga

Other adult events for the 2019 season include: ‘Pound’ at the Patch, pancakes and pumpkins bunch, cookie decorating and wine and donut sampling!

Pumpkin Patch Farmers Market

Another (adult friendly) section of Enchanted Acres that I thought was a GREAT idea is the fire pit, surrounded by swinging benches.  You can purchase s’more making kits, hot dogs and campfire pie supplies in the ‘Market’ farm shop and cook them around the fire!  Other ‘ready made’ snacks and drinks can be bought in the shop too.

Pumpkin Patches in Iowa Enchanted Acres Firepit

Other typical pumpkin patch activities available at Enchanted Acres include:

  • Farm animals! Enchanted Acres have Goats, chickens and rabbits. Check out the enclosure with ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, complete with a troll under the bridge!  Goat food can be purchased in the Market.
  • Corn pool (again for non American’s…a ball pit with hard/dry ‘sweetcorn’ rather than plastic balls!)
Pumpkin Patch Corn Pool
  • Hayrides (a wagon pulled by a tractor)
  • A playground made from various farm equipment…tractor tyres you can climb on or through, tyre swings and an actual wooden tractor with parts from a real tractor (seat, steering wheel, exhaust stack)!
Pumpkin Patches in Iowa Agritourism

Visit the Enchanted Acres website or search for ‘Enchanted Acres IA’ on Facebook to find out about the events being held at this Iowa pumpkin patch!

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Have you visited a pumpkin patch before? What do you enjoy the most about them?!

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  1. What nice pictures -love the drone shot. You’ve brought back some very charming childhood memories for me. Growing up in Iowa, I always looked forward to pumpkin patches and corn mazes in the fall. When I was in high school, I went to a haunted corn maze and a fellow with a chain saw jumped out of the corn to scare me. I got so scared that I fell backwards and sliced my leg on one of the corn stalks (those are sharp, by the way! Watch out for them). The chainsaw scary man immediately broke character, ripped his mask of and says, “oh my goodness ma’am, are you okay?” LOL. So, scary but with manners!

    1. Thanks! Haha! My husband is desperate to go to some sort of haunted thing but that would definitely be me! I jump so easy and I’m clumsy so I’m not really cut out for those types of activity!

    1. Thanks! I discovered another one yesterday that Iโ€™m hoping to visit this weekend so I think I published it a little prematurely!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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