The Best Carry On Backpack – My Mini Tardis!

I love the flexibility of travelling with a backpack, I like being ‘hands free’ and when you fly, it’s guaranteed to stay in the cabin with you as it can squish under the seat in front (and leave you with zero leg room…but what’s more important?!).  For ages I travelled with a backpack from Billabong, it was pretty and had a huge main compartment but I couldn’t help but wish it had some more pockets so I could organise things a bit easier.  This is the best carry on backpack I’ve discovered so far!

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My High Sierra Loop Backpacks has been my go to bag for travel for the last year…I’ve found it to be the best backpack for weekend travel too but I actually lived out of it for 10 days during my trip to Belize!

The first thing that drew me to this backpack was the colour!  When I went to buy it, there were around 29 different choices of colour for this particular design, I had a tough time deciding which to go for!

Of course….I love POCKETS!  There are 5 external zip pockets, 2 mesh side pockets (great for water bottles…or flip flop storage!) and an internal organisation area with smaller pockets, key holder, pen holders etc.  Now how did I organise my bag?

Best Weekend Backpack Pockets

The main compartment is good to fill with mainly clothes.  It’s not exactly 100% security proof but I padlocked the 2 zipper pulls together, just another barrier for pickpockets!  The 2nd largest compartment has a tablet sleeve.  However, I could fit my Macbook Air in this pocket AND its charger with no problem, but it does lack padding and it would be a squeeze with a cover on it.  These zips can be padlocked together too in the same way as the main compartment.

The front pocket is the perfect size for my see-through liquids pouch.  My mini first aid kit could fit into one of its smaller internal pockets and then I normally use the pen holders too.  I really like this pocket and the tablet pocket, it makes it easy going through airport security as ‘laptops’ and liquids are in an easy to reach place!

I also love the 2 small ‘floating’ pockets, these are ridiculously handy!  They are great for charging cables and smaller usb plugs (not so much the giant adaptors).  It keeps them all organised and there’s no digging around when it comes to needing to charge something!  I use the biggest pocket right at the top for my sunglasses.  The way it falls into the main compartment seems to give things a little bit of space so they don’t get crushed!

Best Weekend Backpack

There’s a clip on the very front too.  I’m not exactly sure what you would hang on this…I found it worked with for my baseball cap when I didn’t feel like wearing it!

Don’t think a backpack isn’t big enough for everything you need?  For my trip to Belize I had a backpack and then a smaller ‘personal item’ bag (with my money, passport, camera, Kindle etc in) but here’s a list of…

Everything I managed to fit in this backpack:


x4 Shorts

x7 Tops


x1 Leggings


Trainer socks


x3 Bikinis

Rash vest

Surf Shorts

Travel Towel


Flip flops

Water Shoes



Wash bag


Deodorant (Stick)

Solid shampoo bar

Lip balm

Mini first aid kit

2nd smaller ‘day’ backpack

Plastic bags



30SPF Suncream

50SPF Suncream


Body lotion



GoPro mounts: handle bar, wrist, floaty stick, tripod

Waterproof pouch

x2 iPod leads

GoPro lead

USB camera battery charger & short lead

x2 USB universal adaptors

11inch Macbook Air & Charger

…It’s honestly like a Tardis.  I think when I weighed it, it was around 8kg which is a lot to carry on your back, especially when the straps aren’t spongey and there are no hip straps.  I carried it around for a whole day during my Chicago stopover and my back didn’t really like me by the end of it (…I managed to squash souvenirs in along with the list above too…) but then I would have got annoyed dragging a suitcase around Chicago.  The material and zips feel really strong…even when packed to bursting point!

How to get your hands on one!

Amazon has a whole range of designs starting from $29.99!

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Need ideas for packing light? Check out: 11 Backpacking Essentials

Do you think it would be the best carry on backpack for you too?!

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Disclosure: Please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking and it comes at no extra cost to you!  As always, opinions are my own.

The Best Carry On Backpack for Weekend Travel


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