5 Oahu Beaches You Should Visit!

If you book a trip to Hawaii, there’s a high chance that you’ve obviously got beaches on your mind and there are certainly plenty to choose from!  My week in Oahu felt a bit like a beach crawl, jumping in from a swim at every given opportunity!  In this post, I share with you 5 of the best beaches in oahu and give you some tips for visiting!

Oahu Beaches

I mainly stayed on the Windward side of the Island.  Ironically enough, I say that Oahu is one of my favourite places in the world, yet I really wasn’t a fan of Waikiki.  It was crazy busy and I found a lot of the tourists rude, but just a 30 minute drive from the airport, on the other side of the mountains, paradise can be found!

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach Oahu

Out of all the beaches in this post, Kailua is the most ‘visitor friendly’.  There’s a large parking area, toilets, plenty of beach space, shady trees and there was even a rope swing when I was there!  Kailua was my base in Oahu so it was in walking distance from my accommodation (there aren’t many hotels on this side of the Island, I stayed in an Airbnb type rental).

I hired a stand up paddle board from the ‘Kailua Beach Center’, they even give you wheels so you can pull it to the beach! There was more than enough space to paddle it around and not have to worry about hitting any swimmers or people getting in the way.  You can even buy a pass that lets you paddle out and ‘land’ on Popoia Island, if you feel like going on a little adventure!

SUP Hawaii

It had always been my Mum’s dream to see ‘white sand and blue sea’ and I thought she was going to cry the first time she saw Kailua Beach!  My sister hates swimming but even she couldn’t resist going in the water here, so that must say something!!! I could quite easily live in the town of Kailua, they even decorate their mailboxes!

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach Oahu

Lanikai Beach has been named one of the best beaches in the USA and even in the world!  It’s not hard to see why.  The water is bright blue, crystal clear (good for snorkelling) and the sand is as soft as powder!  However, it is a right pain to get to!  It’s in a rather posh residential area of Kailua and finding a spot to park is a nightmare.  I would suggest doing like we did and parking at Kailua Beach Park and then WALK the rest of the way to Lanikai…yes that will mean dragging all of your beach gear there!

There is a LOT of beachfront property along Lanikai Beach, it IS a public beach but the only access is along paths between the houses.  There’s also no toilet facilities (the nearest being at Kailua Beach), so bear that in mind if you are planning a trip!

Laniakea Beach

Laniakea Beach is up on the North Shore of Oahu.  Again, like Lanikai, there are no toilet facilities and the only place to park is if you pull up and park on the side of the road BUT it is a little bit special.  Special because it’s a popular spot for THESE guys!

Laniakea Beach Oahu

No, I don’t have my camera shoved in its face, I’m a little way from it.  As it’s a known turtle beach, volunteers do ‘man it’.  Not only are they there to protect the turtles (I’m sure you’ve seen the lengths people go to for selfies…while in Australia, I saw a guy trying to ride on the back of a wild dolphin…) but they monitor when they come up to the beach, their behaviours etc.  The volunteers are happy to answer any questions you may have about turtles.  I’ve swum with them a couple of times now (in Belize and in the Maldives) and I could never get bored of seeing them, such amazing creatures!

5 Oahu Beaches to Visit

Our car rental GPS had a guided tour of the island pre programmed onto it.  While driving around the island it would point out places of interest…Laniakea Beach was mentioned on it too!  A good give away point as to whether there may be a turtle is to look for other cars and people as they are bound to be there for it too 😉

Kualoa Regional Park

Kualoa Regional Park Beach Oahu

Now the beach at Kualoa Regional Park HAS a car park, toilets, picnic beaches etc.  But it actually doesn’t have that much sand…meaning your towel WILL get wet, it’s more like a lay on the grass kinda beach…and what little sand there is, is a little bit stoney, white! But stoney!  Saying all that, it was actually one of my favourite beaches!  Why?  Because it looked the most Stereotypical Hawaii!  The (stoney) sand was white, the sea was a milky blue colour, but it was surrounded by the typical volcanic looking Hawaiian landscape!  (LOADS of movies have been filmed at Kualoa and for good reason too!)

Kualoa Regional Park Beach Oahu

Kualoa Regional Park also has a good view of Mokoli’i Island (aka Chinaman’s Hat).  Just like the islands near Kailua Beach, it is open to the public if you are feeling fit enough to paddle out to it or wade across at low tide! (Featured in the header image at the top of the post!)

Waikiki Beach

Ok ok! I know at the start of the post I said I wasn’t a fan of Waikiki BUT it still needs to be visited, mainly because the sunsets are AMAZING.

Hawaiian Sunset Waikiki Beach

It’s more of a people watching beach.  It was always on my bucket list to ‘surf Waikiki’ but it’s a little like trying to go above 50mph in a traffic jam on a motorway, it’s frustrating, people are in your way and you’re likely to just smash into them.  A large man floating in a rubber ring almost drowned me in the ‘swimming zone’ when a large wave pushed him right into me.  Even though the water is BRIGHT blue and the waves are awesomely fun to jump in, there is rubbish floating in the sea which is kind of a dampener, especially after a week of being spoilt by the beaches mentioned above that are deserted!

Waikiki Beach Oahu Hawaii

The best way to experience it is in an Outrigger Canoe, you get the thrill of surfing but the chances are you’re not going to be drowned by a rogue rubber ring and you’re not liable for decapitating anyone with a surfboard as someone else is in charge of steering!

Do you have a favourite beach in Oahu?

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5 Oahu Beaches to Visit in Hawaii




19 thoughts on “5 Oahu Beaches You Should Visit!

  1. Lanikai & Kailua look amazing! I admit that I had some Hawaii 5’O flashbacks while reading this, too. Thanks for indulging my daydreams with these drool-worthy pictures.


  2. How beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, but it’s just too far of a flight from Europe when traveling to Asia is so much cheaper. Still hope I will make it there one day!


    1. Yeah it was far! We combined it with a USA road trip so flew London – San Francisco, drove to LA and then flew to Hawaii! I wish I had gone to more of Asia while I was living on that side of the world!


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