Between England & Iowa: A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife Book!

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Yes that’s right, not only is Between England & Iowa my travel and lifestyle blog, it is now a book!  “Between England and Iowa: A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife” is my story all about the realities of expat life.  For a whole year I kept a journal.  I wrote down my expat milestones, ALL my thoughts and feelings and documented each time I came across something that sent me into culture shock!

Here’s the blurb:

The world is so small nowadays, people are travelling all over the world and meeting people from all different nationalities and walks of life.  So what happens when you fall in love with someone when you can’t legally live in the same country as each other?  I decided to take a leap of faith, go through a year long visa process, give up everything I knew and loved in the UK to emigrate and start a life in the USA.  In Iowa to be exact!  

In this memoir I document the ups and downs in an honest account of my first year of expat life.  There were tears, there was laughter and an awful lot of culture shock.  Who knew the winters got so cold?!  When your heart is split between England and Iowa, would you have the courage to risk it all?

The book starts with the final parts of the visa process and my last days in the UK and then follows my WHOLE first year living in the USA.  Putting all my journal entries together sent me straight back to reliving the rollercoaster ride that this past year (and a bit now!) has been.  I laughed, I cried my eyes out, I felt proud of my achievements and was shocked looking back at some of my first impressions!  I’ve poured my heart into this thing, literally.

I hope other expats, new or old, will be able to relate to my experiences.  We may be spread out all over the world but I think the state of mind is very similar even if our locations are very different!  Some parts may be tough to read but I pride myself on the fact that this is a completely honest account of expat life…it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Galena IL Helluva Half Mile

To everyone else, I aim to shed some light on the whole immigration process.  Unless you’ve been through it, it’s something that a lot of people don’t really know much about.  I moved from an English speaking ‘first world country’ to another English speaking ‘first world country’, yet you would not believe the differences that I’ve encountered along the way.  Things that are just normal everyday things to some people are completely weird and alien to me!

Of course, me being me there are plenty of travel adventures!  Including 2 trips back home, my solo week in Belize, a trip to Austria with my parents and various weekend getaways and day trips in America!  I may be living in America but I still view everything very much like a tourist!

The book also tracks my blogging journey and the experiences that are the result of hours of hard work!  My page views have TRIPLED in the past year and believe me, I appreciate every kind comment and email I receive, it’s the reason I carry on doing what I’m doing!

The release date for Between England & Iowa: A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife is:

December 1st 2017

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“Between England & Iowa: A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife” is available worldwide on Amazon in Kindle Ebook format and paperback!

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Thank you for all of your support!!!  As mentioned further up, I’m self publishing this book, I have no publisher behind me that’s advertising it, it’s all me!  Feel free to spread this post far and wide!

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  1. Amazing that you turned your experience into a book. I wish that there was a book out there before I went through the process of moving for love. It’s a romantic notion isn’t it but man is it hard sometimes?!

    1. Very much so! I keep thinking about writing a post about the ‘hard parts’ that no one really tells you about, there are definitely added pressures of being an international couple!

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