Long Distance: Ways To Keep In Contact

As an Expat, obviously one of the main ways that I communicate with the people back home is via the internet…Facebook, FaceTime, Email.  But then some of my family members, such as Grandparents, aren’t as up to date with technology!  So for me, I’m a huge fan of sending physical mail!

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I always make an effort to send birthday cards to close family members, Mother’s Day cards to my Mum etc.  I feel that it shows that I’m making an effort to make them still feel special from far away…especially as you have to be thinking about it so far in advance to be able to get it there in time!

Being a traveller, I’ve always had a soft spot for postcards!  When I moved to America, I started buying handfuls of postcards whenever I came across them to send back home.  Even though I video call my Mum everyday, I send her a postcard at the end of the month with a short summary of what I’ve been up to.

Long Distance: Ways to Keep in Contact

The main reason I love postcards is the visual aspect!  When I send them, I hope it helps the receiver to be able to build a picture in their head of where I am, as they read my message!  Make it feel as if they are right there with me.

I love to send cards that are also personal to me.  For example I recently worked with 2 convention and visitors bureaus, to thank them for arranging my trip, I sent each of my hosts a thank you card with a collage of some of my favourite pictures that I took during my visit!

As mentioned above, as an expat, sending mail often requires a bit of planning.  The First Class international deadline date to arrive in time for Christmas is usually the first week of December!

Basic Invite Personalized Christmas Cards

(Photo Credit: BasicInvite.com)

I’ve noticed that in America, Christmas cards are done a little differently.  In the UK, we just tend to buy a box of typically ‘book style’ cards straight off the shelf.  However, in the USA people tend to send personalized Christmas cards that are more like postcards with recent photos of them and their family or pictures throughout the year!  I think this is a great idea, especially when it comes to people that may live far away and may not see them often or be connected through technology and have a constant stream of photos being uploaded via networks like Facebook!

Basic Invite is a ‘custom invitation website’ that has over 250 Holiday cards and Christmas card designs and all of them can be personalised!  From the photos, to the text, to being able to change every coloured element on the card from a selection of 180 different shades!

BasicInvite Christmas Cards

(Photo Credit: BasicInvite.com)

There are also premium customisations where you can pay $0.20 for ‘upgrades’ such as different types of paper, fancy printed addresses, 40 colours of envelopes and designs that can be printed on the reverse side of the card.  I really love the look of the timeline design that can be printed on the reserve!  I’ve used several different online photo greeting card companies over the years and I’ve never seen a design quite like it!  This would be a great way to display a Christmassy style photo on the front and then share milestones that happened throughout the year on the back!

It’s possible to order just one personalised card or place a bulk order, the more you want, the cheaper each ‘unit’ becomes!  You can also order a sample, which is handy especially if looking to place a large order and you may want to make sure everything looks perfect!  Basic Invite also offer an ‘address capturing service’ where recipients addresses can be printed on Christmas card orders for free!

Currently Basic Invite have a 30% off coupon code: holi30

Basic Invite also have designs for weddings, baby showers, graduations, personalised stationery (paper and business cards), thank you cards, free printables and more!  Check out their Instagram or Pinterest for more inspiration!

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Do you still send physical mail?  What’s your favourite way to keep in contact with family and friends?

 Long Distance Ways To Keep In Contact

4 thoughts on “Long Distance: Ways To Keep In Contact

  1. What a lovely idea. I still have all the letters my parents ever wrote to me. You have made an incredibly brave choice to leave family behind at such a young age. I am continually amazed and inspired by your determination to but the best face on it and your positive and practical solutions to being apart ❤


  2. I think you’ve just explained why I like to sent birthday cards to people still. It makes me feel closer to them. My husband doesn’t get it. Especially as the act isn’t reciprocated. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t appreciated and I love sending my friends birthday cards or Christmas cards. I’ve been using good ol’ moonpig when I getting to the post office is a mission like it was in Qatar.


    1. Yeah! If companies send direct it’s even easier! It’s crazy to think I should probably start Christmas shopping, there’s only about a month left until last parcel date!!


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