Dylan’s Candy Bar Cafe – The Ultimate Sugar Rush!

Freak Shakes.  I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the internet too.  Giant milkshakes topped with literally EVERYTHING.  I had become obsessed with trying to find somewhere that creates these masterpieces and was rather excited when I stumbled across Dylan’s Candy Bar in Chicago!

When you first enter Dylan’s Candy Bar, you are greeted by the sight of a multi level sweet shop, selling everything from edible gummies and chocolate to inedible sweet treat themed products!  Just being in the presence of so much candy is enough to send you on a sugar high!  Not only is there a regular pick ‘n mix station, but on a higher floor there’s a section where all the sweets are arranged by colour, perfect for an event with a colour theme (…or for those that are just plain fussy!)

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago Illinois

Dylan’s Candy Bar Cafe

*Please Note* The Chicago cafe has closed since my visit, however there are cafe locations in New York, Miami, LA, Honolulu and East Hampton.

For me, the purpose of my visit was to go to the cafe that’s attached to the store.  Climbing onto my ‘hard candy’ bar stool that looked like something straight off the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I opted to go straight to the desserts (they do offer regular food too!).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the ‘Best of Both Worlds – Carnival’!

Best of Both Worlds Shake Dylan's Candy Bar

It COMBINES a strawberry milkshake and a waffle cone filled with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, topped with: candy floss, a sugar crystal stick, a fizzy belt, a gummy bear, whipped cream, strawberry sauce and sprinkles.  $12 well spent!

While waiting for my ‘sugar rush’ to be delivered, I sat near a couple of girls at the bar who were working their way through the cocktail menu.  Even the ‘regular’ drinks incorporate sweets!  Some of the menu items are all about the ‘show’.  I watched them order one cocktail that had a big ball of candy floss in the glass and when the drink was poured over the top it dissolved and acted as a sweetener.  When my drink came out their mouth’s literally dropped to the floor!

Dylan's Candy Bar Cafe Chicago

When I write my blog posts, I always go back to the companies websites to make sure I get my facts correct etc and for this one that of course involved looking at the menu again!  To give you an idea of some of their other ‘sweet themed drinks’, I now really want to try one of these two…or maybe both…who am I kidding, I want both ($6 each)!


Hibiscus syrup, lemon, pink lemonade Nerds, soda, pink sugar rim & pink cotton candy


Cherry syrup, Coca-Cola®, ice cream, cherry, cherry Pop Rocks & cherry candy

Does this sound like your idea of heaven?!  Where is the best dessert that you’ve experienced?

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Dylan's Candy Bar Cafe USA

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  1. OMG—what a sugar rush! Where was Dylan’s Candy Bar when I worked in the city?! Looks like an awesome place.I’ll make a point of stopping the next time I’m downtown.

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