Discovering Street Art in Downtown Dubuque, Iowa

I’m a sucker when it comes to street art, I wrote a previous post on some of the street art locations in Camden, London!  In the American Midwest, Dubuque Iowa has EXPLODED with colour over the past couple of months!  There are several pieces scattered across Downtown Dubuque, but the majority are in a 4 block area between Locust St, Main St and 1st St to 4th St.  Here’s a sample of some of the pieces you can expect to see!

Dubuque Iowa Street Art

I love the way that a lot of the pieces have been painted AROUND the windows rather than just on blank walls.  It almost gives the buildings a 3D feel…like the windows have been stuck on top of the painting!

There are a couple of basic pattern pieces (imagine the type of designs you’d find in an adult colouring book)…I can guarantee that they’ll be used as back drops for Instagram photos…well they will be appearing in my feed eventually!

Dubuque Iowa Street Art

The girl below is hard to photograph, it’s best to stand on the opposite side of the road!  I like the way it looks on the staggered building though.  There’s another piece on the side of the lower building that stretches down a narrow side road, lots of cars were parked in front of it so I couldn’t really see it in all its glory!

Dubuque Iowa Street Art

I didn’t even notice the stick man in this photo until I was looking back through my photos once I was home!  This particular piece is right opposite the Hotel Julien (you can just about see the hotel front on the right hand side of the shot)!  Early in the morning, the hanging basket around this building had just been watered and were dripping, almost making it feel as if the flowers in the mural had just been watered!

Other locations in Downtown Dubuque

The horse and fox piece is further down Locust St, on the other side of the road, along 5th…opposite the back of the Post Office building.

Dubuque Iowa Street Art

The piece above can be found along E 10th St in the Historic Millwork District!  It’s a little bit further out of the way but an area well worth visiting.  A night market recently started in the area (I’ll keep an eye on as to whether this is a permanent event!) and I’m a huge fan of the Inspire Cafe!

You can find the piece below down E 7th St opposite the Court House!  There are a couple around this particular block!

Dubuque Iowa Street Art

Tips For Visiting

If you’re crazy like me, I visited before going to the Farmers’ Market.  The benefit of going this early on a Saturday morning is that the parking meters are free before 8am!  I parked up along 3rd St and just ran around ‘collecting’ all of the pieces!  Otherwise you’ll need a pocket full of quarters or visit on a Sunday when it’s free to park!

What are your thoughts on buildings being covered with bright artwork, are you a fan?  Do you have a favourite piece? I think the owl and the butterfly is my mine!

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