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Last Updated on August 6, 2022

During the months of July and August (for the past 25 years!) the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa comes alive with ghosts of the Chicago White Sox for their free event ‘Ghost Sunday Comedy Show’. 2021 saw the first MBL baseball game played at the Field of Dreams between the Yankees and the White Sox.

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Field of Dreams Ghost Players

The Field of Dreams movie was released in 1989 and starred Kevin Costner. (He actually made an appearance at the 2021 MLB game). The farm and ball diamond in the movie are located right here in Dubuque County! The story follows Ray Kinsella who hears voices telling him to build a ball diamond in his corn field and ghost legends of the Chicago White Sox come and play on it.

Ghost Sunday at Field of Dreams

One of my favourite Field of Dreams events held during the summer, is Ghost Sunday, which is based loosely on the story!  The show starts at 1pm with the players emerging from the corn field (just like in the film!).  I was ridiculously excited, they play the song from the movie and everything!  This is something that I can guarantee almost every visitor to the Field of Dreams Movie Site has done…taken a photo of themselves coming out of the corn!

Field of Dreams Ghost Sunday

The commentator starts by introducing the players, thanking any military servicemen in the audience and then shares a special message with everyone to:

“Take the time”

Take the time to show people that they are loved, cared for, that their lives matter.  Take the time to spend time with people because you never know when it’ll be too late.

Chicago White Sox

The players, dressed in 1919 White Sox uniforms (made from wool!), then choose children from the audience to play a game with them. This is what makes up the hour long show. The ghosts ‘play by their rules’! They joke around with the kids (who bat), tying their shoelaces together, distracting them so they miss the ball, throw multiple balls at them, throw mitts at them to try and trip them up, move the bases etc. It’s all in the name of fun and the ghost players really do encourage the kids and tell them how hard they are trying (not sarcastically). Of course, every kid makes it home.

Show Duration

The main show lasts for around 90 minutes, but once it’s finished, the players hang around and sign autographs and take photos with EVERYONE who wants one. There’s no time limit, they say they’ll stay until everyone has walked away happy.

Field of Dreams Dyersville Iowa
(The picture above was from my first visit in August 2016 but it gives you an idea of what the whole movie site looks like!)

Gift Shop

The gift shop is open throughout the afternoon to buy souvenirs (that you can then get signed) and there’s a concession stand open.  A hot dog is $4, but I recommend paying $6 because then you get a box of popcorn and a bottle of water along with the hot dog!  There are a couple of bleachers to sit on but not enough space for everyone.  Most people take deckchairs or blankets to sit on, so get there early if you want a front row seat!

VIP Experience

They also offer a VIP experience where you can watch this special Field of Dreams event from the porch of the farmhouse that features in the movie!

Visiting the Field of Dreams Movie Site

The last Ghost Sunday of the season is middle of August. When there aren’t special Field of Dreams events, the farmhouse is open for tours (for a fee), as well as the ball diamond where you can take your own bats and balls and have a game!

Field of Dreams Farmhouse in Dyersville Iowa USA

Team of Dreams Hall of Fame Event

If you need even more of a baseball fix on this famous field, another Field of Dreams event to keep in mind is the Team of Dreams Hall of Fame event!  This ‘show’ includes celebrity baseball players as well as the ghost players!  The Team of Dreams does require tickets which start at $20 (kids under 12 are free).  ‘Grandstand’ seating and on-site parking do cost more.  There’s even an option to have breakfast with the celebrity players at the Hotel Julien in Dubuque!

🗺Field of Dreams Movie Site Location:

Field of Dreams Movie Site

28995 Lansing Rd, Dyersville, IA 52040

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Field of Dreams DVD

Shoeless Joe – W.P. Kinsella (Kindle and paperback).  The movie was based on the book ‘Shoeless Joe’

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Ghost Sunday at the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville Iowa USA

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  1. I’m a huge baseball fan and Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies, but I still haven’t made it to Dyersville. I had no idea about Ghost Sunday. It sounds like so much fun; my kids would love it. We’ll have to plan a trip out there for next summer since Ghost Sundays are done for this season.

    1. There is one more in September but it’s not Ghosts and it’s not free! I think it’s proper famous baseball players come and play there but part of the fun was that they were ghosts like the film!

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