3 Adventurous Ocho Rios Excursions in Jamaica!

Last Updated on August 6, 2022

There are several different things I take into consideration when planning my travels.  A big one is the attractions that are available in the area, I’ll often base myself close to the places I want to visit!  One of these 3 Ocho Rios excursions was the whole reason Jamaica made it on to my bucket list!  These excursions are perfect for those that love a bit of adventure when they travel!

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Ocho Rios Excursions

Dunn’s River Falls Waterfall Climb

You may have seen Dunn’s River Falls, it makes an appearance in the 1988 film ‘Cocktail‘ starring Tom Cruise!  The Falls are 180m long, making its way over limestone rock formations on its way to the sea.  Yes, Dunn’s River Waterfall actually ends up in the ocean and this is where the climb starts!

Everyone is required to wear non slip water shoes for the climb.  These can be hired at the Falls if you don’t have your own (I took my own…imagine bowling shoes but without socks…you may want to follow my lead on this one!).

Ocho Rios Dunns River Falls Jamaica

The climbs are guided and everyone in the group joins together to create a human chain as you make your way up.  It’s a fairly easy climb, I was the youngest in the group and being joined together helps give you a little pull up on the slightly steeper sections!

The guides are hilarious, although very cheeky!  They also film the whole climb that can be purchased at the end.  It’s really embarrassing watching it back but brings the group closer together.  This is nice if you are staying at the same hotel/on the same cruise, for the rest of my stay the people I met on the tour would then stop and have a chat with me each day!  You’re certainly not strangers by the end of the tour!

One of my highlights was being able to ‘play’ with the natural features of the waterfall.  We’d stop at certain areas and slide down rocks like natural waterslides!


– Think about clothing!  The guides will make you stand under the waterfall at points.  I lost my bikini top AND bottoms simultaneously from the force of the water.  I had no idea what one to grab first!  Wearing a t-shirt over the top may be a good idea!

– To get to the car park, you go through a market.  The sellers can often by quite pushy.  If you don’t want to buy anything, just say no thank you and keep on walking.

– Lockers.  Lockers are quite expensive to hire.  As I was in a tour group with people from my hotel, we all chipped in and shared a locker, as they are big enough for several backpacks.

ATV Tour and Cliff Jumping @ Chukka Cove Farm

ATV tours are one of my favourite ways to see a destination.  The trail at Chukka Cove Farm is around 6 miles long and at the time of my visit, it was also really muddy but that all adds to part of the fun!  One of my highlights was driving across the beach!

Chukka Cove Farm ATV Tour Jamaica

The tour stops for a break half way round to talk about how locals use different plants that grow in the area in their cooking.

Cliff jumping was an added extra on the tour that I didn’t really want, I’m yet to go Canyoning because I’m scared the route would include a cliff jump that’s unavoidable!  The cliff jump at Chukka Cove Farm is around 3 metres (15foot) high, small in cliff jumping terms but I ended up loving it!  A small step in the right direction!  It was a good way of washing off all the mud from the ATV tour!  The water was calm and there were ladders to assist with getting back out!


I hadn’t planned on cliff jumping or getting that wet/muddy.  The bus driver however was expecting that we would all participate…he covered the seats of the bus with plastic so there was no need to take a change of clothes, we could simply get on the bus wet!

Cliff jumping

Mystic Mountain: Bobsled & Zip Lining in Jamaica!

This was the excursion that made me visit Jamaica. Why?  Because there’s a bobsleigh track in the rainforest and I’m a little bit obsessed with the film Cool Runnings!  There’s more to Mystic Mountain than just a bobsleigh track though!  I purchased a package ticket which included the bobsleigh track, a chairlift pass to the top of the mountain and a zip lining tour.  There’s also an AMAZING infinity pool and waterslide that overlooks Ocho Rios town (featured image) and a humming bird and butterfly garden!

The bobsled track is a 1000 metres long and runs down the mountain and through the rainforest!  Each sled is gravity run, reaching speeds of 45mph and has a handbrake for control.  Rides can be taken solo or the individual sleds can be connected together to form a kind of bobsleigh train!

There are 5 zip lines at Mystic Mountain, 4 average around 100m each in length and there’s one vertical decent.  This was my favourite, you literally step off the platform into thin air!

Mystic Mountain Zip Line Tour Jamaica

The 2 guides were brilliant, their happiness was infectious!  They gave me the nickname ‘England’ (which wasn’t the first time I’ve been referred to as this when I’m the only Brit in the group)!

The final zip line ends up half way down the chairlift route so you jump on for a ‘free ride’ back to the top!

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