Where to Stay in Belize City: D’Nest Inn

When researching where to stay in Belize City, I struggled a little.  All the major chains were really expensive and anything cheaper looked a bit touch and go or had bad reviews.  As a solo female traveller, obviously my safety was a huge factor in deciding where to book.  I narrowed it down to 2, one near the water taxi terminals and one that was more than double the price and 3 miles out of the city centre.  I’m thankful I went with my gut and opted for the more expensive accommodation in this case!

On my way to Caye Caulker, my taxi actually drove by the cheaper hotel I had been looking into.  It looked horrendous.  You could see all the doors were wide open and the location was less than to be desired, it didn’t exactly look like the safest of places!

D’Nest Inn couldn’t have been more perfect!

Where To Stay In Belize City

D’Nest Inn

It’s located in the quiet residential neighbourhood in the Belama district.  There’s even a police station at the bottom of the street.  Being on the Caribbean Coast, you are most likely to encounter people that are smoking something a little stronger than cigarettes, but in this particular neighbourhood, my B&B owners told me that if anyone is spotted smoking it (local or tourist), the residents will call up the police station and report them.

D'Nest Inn Belize City

The garden at D’Nest Inn sits right alongside a canal where I spent most of my free time watching the fish…and jumping out of my skin whenever a giant iguana ran by!  There’s also a communal balcony upstairs.

TIP – wear bug spray in the evening!  Mosquitos love the garden too!

Opposite, there is a football/soccer field that I liked to walk around in the evenings and just around the corner are a couple of corner shops and restaurants. I spent my only full day in Belize City out on a day tour so didn’t have much time to explore the surrounding area!

D'Nest Inn Belize City Breakfast Room

Gaby and Oty are amazing hosts.  They were happy to help you out, give you lifts to where you needed to be and Oty served up an awesome cooked breakfast each morning (Fruits, bread, eggs etc). I’d spend hours talking to them at the breakfast table, it was really interesting to hear about the history of Belize and their view on travel and tourism etc. I felt comforted by how much they care about their guests.  Oty told me that she’ll often listen out to make sure solo travellers ‘come in’ at night, just because if anything happened to them, they haven’t got a travel partner to watch their backs.  After my concerns about how safe it was in the city, knowing I had someone that cared about my safety put me at ease.

D'Nest Inn B&B Belize City

There are 4 rooms at D’Nest Inn, referred to as ‘Nests’! I stayed in the Parakeet Nest, the smallest of the 4.  It had a 4 poster bed (!!!), plus a single bed, a small bathroom with a hair dryer, a TV (nothing fancy but it done the job…I watched Titanic and Pitch Perfect on MTV!) and air con.  The rest of the house doesn’t have air con so when you walk into the room it really hits you in the face!

Oty is really proud of her garden and her love of this spreads into the bedrooms.  I loved the small touches like the butterfly on the ceiling fan chain and the flowers on the shower curtain hooks!

D'Nest Inn B&B Belize City Rooms

For added safety, there is a gate at the top of the stairs that lead to the bedrooms.  Guests are asked to lock this behind them whenever they come and go.  I never felt unsafe but it was a nice addition.

D’Nest Inn can be booked online direct through their website: www.dnestinn.com

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Where to stay in Belize City: D'Nest Inn Review

Where to stay in Belize City: D'Nest Inn Review Where to stay in Belize City: D'Nest Inn Review


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