5 British Things I Took For Granted Now Miss!

There’s no hiding the fact that us Brits like to have a good moan.  But sometimes you don’t always really realise how good you had it until it’s gone.  This is definitely the case since emigrating to America, I took things in the UK for granted and now I’d do anything to get them back!

The Weather

Yep, believe it or not, I miss the British weather.  I used to moan when we’d go on a SUMMER holiday and it would rain and be freezing cold the whole time and I’d moan that the sun wouldn’t come out for days.  I’d take the British weather over what joys the American Midwest makes me put up with.  Winter = -32c/-25f and too much snow for my liking.  Spring/Summer = Tornados and lightening storms.  Just give me bog standard constant temperatures back that never go below 0c/32f and don’t really get above 20c/68f (unless ironically it’s June 2017 where just because I’ve wrote about our lack of British summer, it’s been 30c for the past week). The extremes are too much!

How To Survive a Midwest Winter

My town had a tornado warning the other day and I sat with my emergency backpack on with some of my possessions that I didn’t want to get squashed by a falling down house.  Of course, nothing came of it BUT it does happen.  A few towns that were only an hour or so away got flattened.  I’m not taking chances.

Iowa Tornado Warning


CALLING ALL BRITS! DO NOT MOAN ABOUT THE NHS!  Although the NHS seems to be close to failing and is so in demand that the doctors can’t keep up, I’d rather wait a couple of weeks for an appointment than deal with the money sucking system that it is here in America.  I just love paying $4500/£3600 a year for insurance to STILL PAY $75/£60 every time I go to the doctors.  My insurance broker even told me to not get pregnant on my current plan (it’s not even in my foreseeable future) because not only would I be paying $4500 for my yearly premium but I would also be out of pocket another $8000/£6500…JUST FOR GIVING BIRTH!!!


Ryanair is in fact an Irish company.  Not British.  However London Stansted Airport is a HUGE Ryanair hub and I miss it dearly.  Yes Ryanair have pokey little planes, the seats don’t recline, there are punch ups when the overhead lockers are full and you’ll be lucky to get to your destination on time, but I miss their cheap fares SO MUCH.  There was an advert on TV for a low-cost airline here in the States, proud of the fact that they had one way fares starting at $59…I could get a RETURN FLIGHT for that price on Ryanair.  They were the reason I spent so many weekends in random European countries because of their cheapness!  Put it this way, a round trip from my nearest airport, Dubuque…to ITS ONLY DESTINATION – Chicago is $170/£135 return…for a flight that takes less than 1 hour.


National Rail

Constant rail repair works so constant replacement bus services, always bodies on the line so trains get cancelled, ridiculously expensive, you’re lucky to get a seat at certain times of the day, they melt when it gets too hot…my sister uses the trains frequently and they are forever messing her up.  But now I miss having the option of taking public transport.  It saves having to worry about finding car parking spaces or needing a designated driver for nights out.  There was talk of Dubuque getting a train link to Chicago…I would use that thing like there’s no tomorrow, it’d make getting to Chicago airport so much easier however Illinois doesn’t have the money to build their portion of the track (which to be fair is nearly all of it…)!


London is a prime example of something I took for granted.  I hated the M25 London Orbital road it was always one big traffic jam…(yet I managed to crash my car on it when I skidded on a patch of diesel), London Heathrow’s immigration lines are always a joke, I found the city big and loud and dirty, going there for embassy appointments seemed like a chore, people always seemed to be rude, in a rush and constantly barging you out the way, New Years Eve on South Bank was a joke and I had to run for ‘last trains’ many times because the system never ran late enough at night.  Yet ironically it was in light of recent events that made me want to go back home to England more than ever and suddenly write blog posts on all the reasons I love certain places in London.

Tower of London Poppies

I do in fact miss London.  I miss being so close to all of the London Airports and having the whole world right there for the taking.  I miss being able to see bands in concert, big and small…lets face it, every band has at least 1 London tour date!  All the opportunities for travel blogger meet ups!  I miss the uniqueness of Camden Town.  I miss the crazy options for food…ice cream frozen instantly with liquid nitrogen anyone?  There are so many cool things to do and see, it was all right there on my door step and I should have embraced it more than I did.

On my visit back to the UK this summer, I’ll be staying the night in London to do some cool stuff with my sister that neither of us have done before.  Am I scared because of the recent terror attacks?  Of course I’m not, it’s my home, I’ve never been scared to visit before and I’m not worried about my return visit now! The popular hashtags certainly ring true #staystronglondon #wearenotafraid.

Have you ever moved away from your home town/state/country?  Was there anything you used to moan about and take for granted but now miss?  Let me know in the comments below!

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5 British Things I Miss Living In The USA.  Things that Brits take for granted!

10 thoughts on “5 British Things I Took For Granted Now Miss!

  1. I so understand what you’re saying! I think we all have to move away from home, wherever that is for us, to appreciate what we had. I plan on moving back to the UK in a couple of years after thirty years in the US. I’ve missed home every day. Good luck to you in your adjustment!


    1. Ahhhh that’d be awesome!!! So your book was the real life future you pictured! At the moment I’m kinda thinking that i’ll attempt to reach the 5 years so I can get the passport so won’t have to go through the paperwork again…but even 5 years feels too much, I don’t see myself ever being happy in America!


  2. I moved to Dublin from Canada for a year, and now I miss things from Dublin! I miss Primark/Penneys- while my wardrobe is not entirely from there, they have the best pajamas!! As a historian, I also just miss having my area of history at my fingertips 😦
    If it makes you feel better, in Canada $500 is considered a fairly cheap flight.


    1. Oh I love Primark! I stocked up the other day! I tend up get my cheap clothes in Walmart now!
      Ouch! I find that Canadians have the travel bug in them still though! It’s good that the expense doesn’t stop people!


  3. It is when you live in another country that you start to see what you use to like or dislike in your own country. Since I moved to Manchester, UK I am starting to see what things I like in France and what things I dislike.


  4. Definitely agree about Ryanair…although I always complain about having to take earl am flights, I can’t deny that I keep on doing it do to the cheap fares especially to Scandinavian countries! Really one of my favourite things about living in London. Do enjoy your trip back to the UK in August!


    1. Haha the early flights are brutal! I used to treat it as the holiday would start as soon as I wake up on flight day! I’d treat myself to a nice breakfast at the airport…doesn’t seem so bad then!


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