5 Chestnut Mountain Summer Activities (& Alpine Slide) in Galena IL USA

Last Updated on August 6, 2022

Chestnut Mountain in Galena Illinois has you covered for year round fun! In the winter months it is a ski resort with 19 runs of different difficulties. But the Chestnut Mountain adrenaline rush isn’t just confined to winter, nope, during the summer there are a whole range of other activities to keep you entertained while enjoying views of the Mississippi River! Check out 5 Chestnut Mountain summer activities including the Chestnut Mountain alpine slide!

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Updated: March 2022

Chestnut Mountain Summer Activities

Book a Stay at Chestnut Mountain Resort

Chestnut Mountain Resort has on-site accommodation, complete with an indoor swimming pool and a jacuzzi! There’s also a sports bar and restaurant. Rooms have mini fridges and microwaves, along with free wifi.

1. Race down the Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide!

The Chestnut Mountain alpine slide in Galena is 2050ft long (according to my GoPro video, the ride was around 2 minutes long…however in the video it’s double time!).  There are 2 slides side by side allowing visitors to race each other.

Chestnut Mountain Resort Galena Illinois Summer
Alpine Slide Galena IL

*Tip* I think the left hand slide is the faster track…everyone seemed to win on that one! The sleds are a simple tray with a lever brake mechanism. Push forward – go faster, pull it back – slow down!

A chair lift carries riders back up to the top of the hill where you can watch the Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide from the air!

Alpine Slide
At the top of the Chestnut Mountain alpine slide!

Check out these other alpine slides around the world: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria

2. Soar like an eagle on the Soaring Eagle Zipline

The Soaring Eagle is a fairly new addition to Chestnut Mountain Resort.  Thrill seekers, either solo or in twos, sit in a chair that hangs underneath the zip wire.  Legs are dangling free and there’s only a lap belt keeping you strapped in!

You are winched up backwards 800ft until you are high above the trees and 600ft above the Mississippi River.  When at the top, you are held for 10 seconds before being let go and you soar back down to earth at speeds of around 30mph!  It’s completely safe, but possibly not suitable for those with a fear of heights!

Silver Lake, Michigan is home to another Soaring Eagle Zipline!

Soaring Eagle Chestnut Mountain Resort IL

3. Zoom through the woods on a x2 Segway tour

X2 Segways are like a regular Segway but they have off-road chunky tires, allowing you to explore rougher terrain!  The tours are 3 miles long and last around 90 minutes.  Riders are given a chance to get used to the Segways first in a practise area before starting on the main route!

The first part of the tour goes through a woodland area of the Chestnut Mountain Resort, this is where the majority of the tricky terrain is as you navigate along a dirt track with tree roots and small rocks.  There are 2 main Mississippi River view points that you visit while on the tour.  These are also part of hiking routes but are quite a walk from where all the main attractions are!

Chestnut Mountain Resort IL Segway Tour

If there’s time, the last part of the tour follows some of the ‘back’ ski slopes!

Closed toe shoes with laces MUST be worn while on the Segways.  There’s one part of the tour where the guide will stop and take photos of you on the Segways before having a small break to enjoy one of the view points and take some photos of your own.  (I used a GoPro handle bar mount on the Segway, which the guide let me attach and use.)

Segways are one of my favourite ways to see a destination.  It’s a bit of an odd feeling the first time you ride one but after you’ve done it once, it’s just like riding a bike!

4. Enjoy a round of Mini Golf (or Disc Golf)

As part of the ‘Adventure Package’, a round of Mini Golf or Disc Golf is included!  Mini Golf is a bit of a travel guilty pleasure of mine so of course that is the one we chose!  Score cards and balls are collected from the hotel reception.

Related Reading: Another cool Midwest mini golf course to check out is Can Can Wonderland in St Paul, MN!

Chestnut Mountain Resort Mini Golf Illinois

5. Cruise along the Mississippi River

I haven’t taken a cruise from Chestnut Mountain Galena, but I HAVE been out on the river and it’s crazy to see all the little sandbars and islands dotted around in the middle of the Mississippi!  Tours last around 1.5 hrs and include a commentary on the history and wildlife of the area!  Even if you don’t go out on the river, the views of the Mississippi River from Chestnut Mountain are pretty awesome!

Chestnut Mountain Resort, IL

Chestnut Mountain Location

🗺8700 W. Chestnut Mountain Rd, Galena, IL 61036

📱(800) 397-1320

💻Chestnut Mountain Resort

Chestnut Mountain is located approximately 9 miles (15 minute drive) from Downtown Galena, 2 hours 30 from Chicago and 35 minutes from Dubuque, Iowa.

Chestnut Mountain Resort Galena Illinois

Ticket Prices at Chestnut Mountain

Adventure Package – includes 1 ride on the Soaring Eagle, unlimited rides on the Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide and one round of golf: $35 Midweek or $40 Weekend.

Soaring Eagle

Solo rider: $15

Double riders or 2 solo trips: $25

Alpine Slide Galena

Single ticket: $10

Sat, Sun and Summer Holidays (1 Soaring Eagle + 2x Alpine Slide): $30

Mini Golf

Adults: $5, Children (12 and under): $4

Disc Golf

Course fee: $5

Disc Rental: $5 (there is a $5 fine on top for each lost disc)

Segway Tour

$60 per person

River Cruise – (Includes Alpine slide ticket or chair lift ride to the boat dock)

Adults (12+): $30

7-11yrs: $25

3-6yrs: $20

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