Expat Update: April 2017

I can’t believe it’s the end of April already!  Here I’ll be looking back on what I’ve been up to this month, the places I’ve been, the highs and lows, life as a Brit in the States and other random things I’m finding interesting this month!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links.

Expat Update

Months living in the States: 8 months and 3 weeks!

Where I’ve Been


  • Iowa: Epworth, Farley, Dubuque
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie

April Highs

I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I threw myself well and truly out of my comfort zone and made some awesome connections and friendships.  One of the great things about being a travel blogger is that I have friends from all over the world.  It’s crazy how you may have only spoken to someone online but then you meet in person and it’s just a continuation that’s not awkward in the slightest!

WITS17 Midwest Travel Blogger Meet Up

I feel in LOVE with the town of Kenosha.  I’m slightly obsessed with the ocean and it makes me a little sad that the Midwest is like a 1000 miles away from the coast.  BUT check out Lake Michigan!  Just look at the colour of the water!  There were seagulls and little waves and the pure size of it just makes it feel as if you are looking out at the sea!

Lake Michigan Kenosha Wisconsin

I’ve turned into a yoga nut.  I’ve done it twice this month, I plan on doing it next month and then again a couple of times in June.  During WITS I took part in an early morning yoga session at the Milwaukee Art Museum and we were lucky enough to experience this lovely sunrise…

Yoga at the MAM Wisconsin

April Lows

I managed to get sunburnt!  In April!  When it was only 12c!  Curse my English milk skin!

I can’t believe my Distinctively Dubuque sessions are over!  I’ve really enjoyed attending them the past 5 weeks and I can’t wait to share with everyone all the fun things that we got up to!  They really went above and beyond!

I was absolutely gutted, Leon Logothetis, the guy from The Kindness Diaries, was going to be doing a speaking event in Dubuque but it got cancelled!  There was a silver lining though because it meant that I could then spend an extra day at WITS.  I’m hoping it gets rescheduled!

In The News

Now the whole world must have seen the recent United Airlines incident this month…the guy being dragged off the plane with his belly hanging out?…Yeah that one!  I flew with United when I first moved to the States, I’m also flying home with them in June.  Beggars can’t be choosers, they were the cheapest I could find!

I understand how the guy must have felt being sat in his seat, ready to go.  At this point my Kindle would be out and I’d be lost in my book.  I’d have been gutted if I had been made to get off the plane when there’s a whole flight full of passengers that all get to keep their seat, it must be a bit like why me?!

When I was flying back from Costa Rica, my plane was delayed which made me late for my London connection in Miami…HOWEVER.  I knew that the London flight was delayed too and was still at the gate.  The transfer lady tried to tell me that I was too late, the flight had gone and I was a little annoyed and replied telling her that I knew for a fact the flight was delayed and wasn’t even boarding yet.  To which she replied, errr yeah, we sold your seat, we didn’t think you’d make it.  Therefore I was bumped off a flight when I was in the airport.

At first I was annoyed because I wanted to get home for Mother’s Day, but American Airlines arranged a new flight for me, put me up in a hotel for free and paid for all my meals for 24hrs.  I could have kicked up a fuss and tried to run by her, but I didn’t.  I accepted the situation and got on with it.  (I don’t look too upset do I…)


However, I’ll admit if I was on the way to my destination, rather than going home, therefore missing a day of my trip, I think it would have made me really sad! 😦

Blog Progress

Last month I was trying hard to grow my Instagram…this month I’m trying hard to grow Pinterest!  I realised I’ve kinda been using the platform ‘wrong’ and not really taking advantage of its full potential!

ALSO, this one is pretty exciting!  I’ve come up with a new little project for my site.  It’s an idea I’m hoping to start working on next month and throughout the summer (and beyond!).  I’ll be bringing this more to light at the end of May…here’s a little hint though, I’ve got some awesome LOCAL partnerships coming up next month that I’m really excited about!

I met with the lovely people at WordPress who made a few little changes on my site so you may notice a few little changes here and there!

April Blog Collaborations

Here are the posts I’ve contributed to this month!

15 Travel Quotes to Inspire You to Travel – The Witty Wife

My Travel DREAM List – Joy and Journey

The following post was an interview I did for Expat Finder!

Kylie Neuhaus – Expat in Iowa, USA

Travel Item of the Month

Route 66 Splendor: An Adult Coloring Book – $16.93

I’ve been wanting an adult colouring book for AGES but I could never find one that really jumped out at me.  UNTIL, I discovered one full of Route 66 pictures!  I loved travelling Route 66, it was such a memorable road trip and I can’t wait to make my way along the route again but in picture form!

American Item of the Month

I recently signed up to Influenster, a website that sends you free products to test and review.  Everyone that knows me personally, will know that I don’t do makeup, I just can’t be bothered to spend that much time and effort.  I wear eyeliner that takes me 2 seconds to put on and that’s me good to go.

So I was a bit disappointed when I was sent a Kat Von D (the Miami/LA Ink lady) lipliner to test out.  BUT I can’t knock a good quality product.  It says it’s ‘everlasting’, I put some on the palm of my hand and it lasted HOURS, even through hand washing!  So if makeup is your type of thing, her products may be worth checking out!

My Reading List

I love reading, I even signed up for a library card and I’m saving myself a ton of money!  (Fill up the travel fund!)  Here are the books I’ve read this month!

Books read = THREE

The Mojo Diaries – Leon Logothetis

(Non Fiction – A short book following Leon’s journey to finding his happiness mojo again after a failed attempt at the Mongol Rally)

Neil & Giselle’s Travel Journal: US Highway 61 – Neil and Giselle Taylor

(Non Fiction – Rather a road trip ACROSS the country, like Route 66, this memoir follows a couple’s journey along Highway 61 which runs all the way from Canada and south to the Gulf of Mexico, mainly following the route of the Mississippi River!)

Lion (Movie Tie-In) – Saroo Brierley

(Non Fiction – This is an extended version of the book ‘A Long Way Home: A Memoir’, a re-work after the success of the film ‘Lion’.  Saroo found himself lost in India at the age of 6 after falling asleep on a train.  He was adopted by a couple from Australia and grew up in Tasmania.  As an Adult, he tries to find his Indian home on ‘Google Earth’ in an attempt to reconnect with his mother and his hometown.)

Book of the Month:

Lion (Movie Tie-In) – Saroo Brierley $9.52 (*DEAL* Kindle: currently ONLY $1.99)

I LOVED the Lion Movie so I really wanted to read Saroo’s first hand account to see how it compared to the film adaptation.  I think about how much I remember from when I was 5 years old and struggled to believe just how much he was able to remember from when he was so young.  Maybe it was such a traumatic time for him that it was embedded into his mind on such a deep level.  Without wanting to spoil it for people that may not know his story, let me just tell you that it’s AMAZING.  The book goes into a lot more detail than the film.

What’s Coming up in May

There was me thinking May was going to be the quiet month between a busy April and heading off overseas in June!  As mentioned above I’ve got a couple of collaborations coming up! I’m working with a hotel in Dubuque, followed by a tour company which I’m REALLY looking forward to experiencing and then sharing with everyone!

It’s National Tourism week, 2nd week of May and I’ll be attending a hospitality breakfast in Dubuque.  I’m looking forward to learning more about tourism in the Dubuque area and making some connections!

There’s a lot going on in the local area this month.  I’m hoping to attend ‘Dubuque Fest’ which is a food and arts festival in, you guessed it, Dubuque!  There’s also a vintage car show and a truck drag racing event ON THE SAME DAY, so I’m yet to decide which one to attend…will possibly be both!

My local library was doing a free mat yoga programme and I’m so happy that they’ve extended it for another month!  So I’ll be attending that with my new Visit Milwaukee yoga mat.  I find that yoga is definitely helping me to relax and de-stress!

Don’t forget to follow me on my Social Media Channels!


Phew! Have a great May everyone!

Kylie Signature

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links (or products which I received in exchange for a review), which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking.  It comes at no extra cost to you but it helps me with the running of this site!  As always, opinions are my own.

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