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Last Updated on August 6, 2022

In the midst of ‘Chain America’ exists local businesses that are amazing at what they do.  Today I’m shining a spotlight on Betty Jane Candies born and bred right in Dubuque, Iowa! Betty Jane Candies was first established back in 1938. There main retail location is on JFK Road, but they can be found in many other stores!

Disclosure: I received my Easter Egg free of charge for reviewing purposes, as always opinions are my own.

Betty Jane Candies

🗺1785 JFK Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52002

Easter Eggs

I visited when their whole store was decked out for Easter!  Bunnies and foil wrapped chocolate eggs everywhere! By far their most impressive creation are the Easter Eggs that come in SEVEN different sizes. The smallest being 11oz ($19.99) right up to 73.6oz ($119.99). They are all handcraft and decorated and presented in a little gift box.

The prices are higher compared to other brands, but the quality and taste is worth paying the extra for!

Betty Jane Candies Dubuque Iowa

The front of the egg is decorated with a foil wrapped bunny and chocolate egg (which reminded me of Icelandic Easter Eggs!) and a big fancy bow holds the 2 halves of the egg together!

Betty Jane Candies Dubuque Iowa

The inside is STUFFED full of their signature and most popular creation…the Gremlin! Gremlins are pecans, topped with caramel and covered with chocolate and are highly addictive! My 11oz egg had 9 Gremlins and 2 foil wrapped eggs inside!

Betty Jane Candies Easter Egg

A huge part of Easter in the UK is having a hollow egg that has goodies inside it (although in recent years the goodies have just come in the box rather than inside the egg).  They appear in the shops straight after christmas and every chocolate bar will literally have an egg that goes with it.  

I’m so happy to have found somewhere in America that will allow me to be able to carry on this Easter tradition of mine.  Even better that it’s from a local small business that’s right here in Dubuque!  

Betty Jane Candies Dubuque Iowa

Chocolates, Candies and Ice Cream

As well as chocolate, they also sell: gummy candies, nuts, popcorn, liquorice, sugared almonds, taffy and rock candy. Betty Jane Candies also make their own ice cream, which will now by stocked year-round, rather than just during the summer season. The Gremlin-nilla (Gremlins and vanilla ice cream), is really good! They were also very generous with the scoops, the image below is a double scoop waffle cone.

Betty Jane Candies Ice Cream

Betty Jane Candies & The Media

Betty Jane Candies have been named the Top Culinary Gift in Iowa by People Magazine

Wanna be eating the same as the A listers?  How’s this for an impressive back catalog for a local Iowan business:

  • They were featured in the Academy Awards Gift Bag in 2014.
  • The new snack line was featured in the 2017 Grammy Awards Gift Bag.
  • The snack line is also to be featured backstage in the dressing rooms of the talent on the upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars!
Betty Jane Candies Dubuque Iowa

More Information

Betty Jane Candies can be bought from the main retail location, various suppliers (such as the nearby Fareway Grocery stores) or online.  They ship to all over the US and even worldwide! It is recommended that if you live in a warmer location, the ‘quicker’ delivery option is selected. This ensures that the product arrives in an OK condition and doesn’t melt on route!

Have you ever tried Betty Jane Candies?  If you get the chance, you definitely won’t regret it!

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