8 Cool Things to do at the Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, it’s the largest auto show in the nation!  The website says that the average visitor spends around 4 hours at the show, however I spent 7 and walked nearly 5 miles around it!  Along with being able to get up close and personal with almost every single car on display, there are so many other cool things to do!  Check out some of my favourite parts of the day when I visited in 2017!

Disclosure: Please note this post contains sponsored content.  As always, opinions are my own

Chevrolet went all out when it came to hands on fun experiences!  The following 3 can be found on the Chevy stand.

Learn to Sketch a Car

I have a bit of a soft spot for art and creativity, I really want a tablet so I can draw onto my laptop screen and now thanks to the Chevrolet stand I’m convinced I need one!  You could pick an outline of a Chevy model of your choice and trace over the template with a real pen (bottom of the picture).  This then transferred it onto the computer screen where you could then send a digital version to yourself!  They were also giving out guide books on how to draw cars from different perspectives so you can even go home and try it free hand for yourself!

How to Draw a Car Chicago Auto Show 2017

Build a Chevy Lego Bat Mobile

Not only did they have a GIANT Bat Mobile made out of Lego on display, but you could also build your own mini version of it too!  I’ve never seen so many adults so content in their life!

Chevrolet Lego Batman

Turn Yourself into a Trading Card

I am now the owner of 6 ‘rare’ trading cards of myself as a Nascar driver 😉 There were options to make yourself into an English football card (I was so tempted but sorry…Chevy sponsor Man-U, I just couldn’t do it to myself!), a baseball card, a Nascar driver or Batman.  All have different props to use and they are printed within minutes.

Have a go at a Car Driving Simulator

There were so many different computer game style driving simulators and games.  From regular ones similar to arcade machines, ones where you sit in a full sized car with screens all around you, to this one that actually lifts you right up in the air and throws you around!

“Spray Paint” a Volkswagen

More of an attention grabbing way of displaying the different colours that Volkswagen cars come in!  You pick up a spray paint gun and colour it in on a TV screen!  Of course, I painted mine blue 😀

Be part of a Kia Advert

You may have seen things like ‘Elf Yourself’ around Christmas time, where your head gets stuck on an elf’s body and it does crazy dancing…the Kia stand has a green screen photo booth where you are superimposed onto a person playing the guitar in a band full of mice.  I had requested it to be emailed to me, so if it decides to fly through cyber space, I’ll try and upload it onto here!

Try a Couple of the Test Tracks

There were 5 test tracks altogether and the lines for these were huge!  I guess you could try them all if you want to but I done 2, the Dodge Ram track (as they were giving out free t-shirts to those that went on it…fickle, I know!) and the Jeep track, the Mercedes one looked fun too, if I was going to do a 3rd, it probably would have been that one!  The Jeep track had loads of different elements to it including a hill climb and rough terrain…it was like being on a rollercoaster so of course I loved it.  It’s quite impressive what these cars are capable of too when it comes to driving up steep hills and even having the ability to stop dead half way down!

*TIP* You need a wristband to go on these tracks.  I would suggest going to a track with a shorter line to get the wristband.  We got ours from the Dodge track and when it came to visiting Jeep with a MASSIVE line, we were able to skip to the front because the majority of the people were waiting for a band.

Watch the Crazy Sign Spinning Man

I could have watched these guys all day long.  You may have seen similar people on TV adverts, they spin the arrow shaped advertisement boards and throw them around in the air etc, I bet they make it look so much easier than what it really is!

There is so much more to do and see, I walked away with enough ‘bag for life’ shopping bags to literally last me my whole life, every brand was giving them away!  On top of the other things I also received business card holders, pens, a coffee mug and an ice scraper!  I even purchased a wax stick that is meant to make motorcycle visors stop fogging up and repel rain drops…I plan on trying it out on my GoPro waterproof housing, so stay tuned on how well I think it works next time I use it!

The 2017 Chicago Auto Show runs until the 20th February

Tickets to the Chicago Auto Show are $13.

Where to Stay in Chicago

If you are looking for a hotel close to the McCormick Place, I stayed at the Chicago South Loop Hotel.  For a stay on a Saturday night, it was $109 per room and just a 10 minute walk from the McCormick Place.  The hotel offers free parking to guests and we were able to leave the car before we had checked in (we just had to ask for a pass).  This saved us the parking charges at the McCormick Place, which are quite expensive!  The hotel even has a gym…for those that think they didn’t walk around enough at the show…!!

The Chicago South Loop Hotel can be booked on booking.com HERE

Looking for something else to do while in Chicago?

Check out Top 25 Things to do in Chicago, Illinois by The Crazy Tourist!  How many have you done?

Chicago Auto Show 2017

Disclosure:  Thank you to the Chicago Auto Show for providing me with a Media pass to the event.  This post contains sponsored content.  The booking.com link is an affiliate, if you book a stay at the Chicago South Loop Hotel through this link, I earn a little bit of commission with no additional cost to you!  All opinions are my own!

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