EZ66 by Jerry McClanahan: The BEST Route 66 Guide Book

In all honesty, I don’t think we could have done Route 66 without this guide book.  It’s AMAZING.  Seriously.  Everyone should go out and buy it if you’re planning on taking the trip.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: EZ66 Guide for Travelers by Jerry McClanahan!

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Route 66 Guide Book

Route 66: EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers – 4TH EDITION

Route 66 starts right here in the Midwest (Chicago, IL) and spans 2448 miles all the way to the West Coast to its finish point in LA, California.  It was removed from the Highways System in 1985 when it was bypassed by the Interstate.  For this reason, following the old route can be kind of tricky.

Not all the States it passes through has maintained signage, sometimes it leaves you wondering if you are on the right Route at all, but thanks to EZ66, it literally holds your hand every step of the way!  In this post I’m going to share with you some of my favourite parts of the guide book and exactly how I utilised it during my trip!

Using EZ66 for Pre Trip Travel Planning

Before we even set foot in the States, I read the whole guide book from front to back…I then re-read it again but with a highlighter!

Step-by-Step Directions

The most awesome feature of EZ66 is it gives you the EXACT driving instructions for all 2448 miles, including side trips (for example; the Santa Fe loop).  It’s broken down into easy bite sized chunks.

Each State is a new chapter and then there are sub-chapters, showing a map of around 60 miles of the route, followed then by a couple of lines of directions on each page and zoomed in maps of each of the towns you pass through!

I highlighted parts of the directions that I thought would be the most important during the trip, such as certain turnings, signs to look out for, road names etc.  As said above, I don’t think we could have done the trip without these directions.  Whenever we used SatNav/GPS, it just wanted to send us back on the Interstate, this book kept us on the original road.

Hackberry General Store, Burma Shave Signs - Route 66

Must See Attractions

The majority of each page is jammed packed with advice on the must see attractions and recommended food and accommodation stops.  In a different colour I highlighted parts of the description that mentioned cool things that I thought would be of interest to me and my family.  I then bookmarked these pages with Post-it Note Arrow Flags so I would be able to tell when the attractions were coming up as we were driving.

Travelling On A Time Scale

As part time travellers we were pushed for time.  We had 2 and a half weeks to complete the route and do side trips to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  This meant that we HAD to be making a certain amount of miles a day.  I used a paper clip to mark the page where we planned to reach each day.

We had booked the majority of our accommodation in advance, this meant we could make the most of the daylight hours as we knew we had a room ready and waiting for us whenever we arrived.  We didn’t have time to do everything along the Route, but planning in advance meant that we were prepared and could prioritise.  For example, there are loads of car/Route 66 museums.  We researched each of them and decided what ones we would skip if we were running short on time.

EZ66 Route 66 Guide Book

Using EZ66 Route 66 Guide Book On The Road

Spiral Bound

It may sound silly but another helpful feature is that the book is spiral bound!  As you’re following along and complete the page, it’s easy just to turn the page over and it stays out of the way.  At each stop, the book can just be chucked on a seat or the dash and you know that you won’t loose the page.

Keeping Track

As you can see, we treated our EZ66 a bit like a scrapbook/souvenir.  It’s covered in highlighter pens and little notes.  When I was driving and my Dad was navigating, he simply ticked off each instruction as we got to it so he could keep track of where we were.  It could be used again but I think I’d be tempted to buy a newer addition just in case things have changed.  The mileage guide also helped us to roughly guess how long it’d take to get between towns.


Some of the towns along the Route look pretty nondescript.  It’s good to travel with a guidebook that will give you facts about each place, it makes the journey more interesting!

For Kids

There are also suggested car games throughout the book!  Most involve things like being the first to find so many place names that begin with a stated letter or count the number of a certain Route 66 signpost design.

Eastbound (LA – Chicago) Travellers

Don’t worry Eastbound drivers!  As shown in the picture below (bottom page), the top box has the Chicago – LA Westbound directions, but the bottom box has the Eastbound directions, just read the book from back to front!

EZ66 can be purchased on Amazon through this link. Route 66: EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers – 4TH EDITION.

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The Best Route 66 Guide Book

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