Photo Essay: Midwest Mississippi River Views

The Mississippi River is over 2000 miles long and stretches across 10 US States.  It’s packed full of history and is an area I would love to learn more about.  This photo essay will include various views of the River from 3 different Midwest States: Iowa, Illinois and Missouri!


Pikes Peak State Park Iowa

Pike’s Peak State Park – McGregor

Eagle Point Park Iowa

Eagle Point Park – Dubuque

Julien Dubuque Memorial Tower

Mines of Spain (Julien Dubuque Memorial Tower) – Dubuque

Mississippi River Davenport, IA

Centennial Bridge – Davenport


Chestnut Mountain Resort, IL

Chestnut Mountain Resort – Galena

Chain of Rocks Bridge Route 66

Chain of Rocks Bridge – Madison (Route 66)

Gateway Arch St Louis

Gateway Arch – East St Louis


Mississippi River St Louis

Top of the ‘Gateway Arch’ – St Louis

What to find out more about the Mississippi River? Check out:

Facts About The Mississippi River: Mississippi River Camping, Beaches & Sandbars

Which is your favourite Mississippi River view point?  Have you seen it in one of the other 7 States?  I’d love to know if the surrounding scenery looks different the further south it goes!

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Mississippi River Midwest USA

Mississippi River Views in the Midwest USA

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