Missouri: 5 Things to Eat at a Cardinals Baseball Game

One of the items on my USA bucket list was to visit a Major League baseball game.  I remember playing a game on the computers at school where you were a food vendor at a baseball game and you had to throw packets of peanuts at the customers that were waving at you…there was a huge part of me that wanted to see peanut packets flying round the stadium (of course thanks to health and safety, this doesn’t actually happen in real life)!  I knew food was going to be expensive but we couldn’t help but pig out on our recent trip to watch the Cardinals play at the Busch Stadium in St Louis.  Here are some of the best places to eat before and during the game!

Where to eat before a Cardinals game

1) The Fudgery (for Ice Cream)

Anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while now will know I’m slightly addicted to ice cream!  The Fudgery is located in the ‘Ball Park Village’, selling a range of mainly, you guessed it, fudge.  BUT.  They also sell ‘pick n mix’ style ice cream.  You choose a tub and then fill it up with as much or as little as you want, they price it depending on the weight at the end.  Some of the flavours include: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, birthday cake flavoured ice cream and vanilla and chocolate flavoured custard.  You’re free to mix and match, I recommend birthday cake flavour (a new addiction of mine)!

But the fun doesn’t end there!  There’s then a topping station with everything you can imagine!  Flavoured sauces, chocolate toppings, cookie toppings, gummy sweet/candy toppings, sprinkles, coconut flakes…it’s amazing!

To give you a rough idea, the smaller sized tub, right to the top cost me around $6.  It’s expensive but you do get a lot for your money!

2) The Budweiser Brew House (for Hot Dogs)

On game day, a pop up Hot Dog Station was set up in the street between the Budweiser Brew House and the stadium.  Only Hot Dogs are served, but they are in different flavours such as: regular Hot Dogs, Chilli Brats, Beer Brats.  I had a footlong Beer Brat, boiled in beer and it was lovely.  All the Hot Dogs cost $7 and the pop up ‘tent’ only accepts cash.  They have onions and sauces you could add too (for free).  *Tip*  The Hot Dogs served here are about 4 times the size of the ones served within the stadium.

What to eat inside Busch Stadium

3) Italian Style Ice

Italian Ice St Louis Cardinals

The temptation to buy from the vendors is too much!  There are so many vendors that constantly roam the seats selling lots of yummy cold goodies.  They wear the prices on badges/buttons attached to the front of their shirts.  The Italian Style Ice was $6 and was roughly the same size serving that I had from The Fudgery.  Being a Brit I’m still not quite used to the extra additives and colourings in food, it was sweeter than I expected and I had bright red lips for the majority of the game!

4) Unlimited Popcorn

Great for a Cardinals Fan…not so much if you’re there to support the away team…for $11 you can get unlimited popcorn, served in a red Cardinals helmet!  Works perfect if you’re sat on the end of the row, you can literally just run and get more between innings and then you have a lovely plastic hat as a souvenir!  Caramel flavour is nice.  They also sell cheese flavour (powdered cheese), which is one of my pet hates about living in America, everything is cheese flavour!!  My other half said the cheese popcorn was good though so you’ll have to take his word for it and not mine!


5) and of course, Peanuts!

I didn’t have any space left for peanuts, I had pigged out!  I was pretty jealous of the people that sat next to me who had them, they even came in the shells!

What’s your favourite thing to eat at a baseball game?

Where to eat at a Cardinals Game

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