Everything is Bigger in America…Including Foot Golf!

Last week it was my 1st wedding anniversary, the visa process cooperated and we were actually able to spend it together!  We wanted to do something a little different to celebrate it so went for a round of Foot Golf at Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, Illinois!

So what is Foot Golf?

Like golf, but you use a football/soccer ball and kick the ball at giant sized holes rather than use a club!

There was a Foot Golf course located at the Golf Club where we had our wedding reception in England.  We didn’t get to play but the course there was 9 holes and was built around their old pitch and putt course which is a smaller version of a regular golf course.  I was expecting it to be similar here in the States but of course it was so much bigger!  Be prepared for a workout!  The course at Lacoma consists of 18 holes and criss crosses back and forth across the main golf course.

The majority of the holes are over 100 yards in length, with one reaching the 200 yard mark!  To put this into perspective, my Fitbit Flex told me that I had walked/kicked the ball over THREE MILES…I had clocked up nearly 8000 steps!  (It was also over 26c/80f with next to no shade so we were sweating like pigs by the time we had finished!)

The par of each hole averaged at either 3 or 4.  I’m no football pro (despite being British!) and only went over by 1 or 2 which I was quite impressed with.  When standing at the ‘tee off’, some of the flags looked MILES away, I thought there would be no way my little legs would be able to kick that far!  However by the end we both got further and further from par simply because we were so worn out!  I found it worked best by just jogging the course, that way I got a better kick of the ball!  Maybe it would have been worth renting a cart?  I’m not too sure, there would have been a lot of stopping and starting!

Lacoma Footgolf

The only thing that was a little scary was having to cross the main golf green.  There were other people on the course playing regular golf.  Foot Golf players were expected to ‘give way’ to the regular golfers, so there were a few times where we had to hide behind trees.  On one occasion, we were up close to our hole and a golf ball landed literally a few feet from where we were standing, a group had started the hole without us realising and horrendously misjudged their shot.  They did apologise to us later on though!

Tip: Try not to carry a bag with you, I wish I had left mine in the truck, it made things very awkward!

*Behind the scenes* The husband only hit me with the football once…


$10 per person

$3 hire per ball (or you can take your own)

Cost includes: Score card & pencil

Footgolf Course Stats

HOLE 1 = Yards: 105 – Par: 4

HOLE 2 = Yards: 106 – Par 4

HOLE 3 = Yards: 136 – Par: 4

HOLE 4 = Yards: 89 – Par: 3

HOLE 5 = Yards: 186 – Par: 5

HOLE 6 = Yards: 90 – Par: 4

HOLE 7 = Yards: 82 – Par: 3

HOLE 8 = Yards: 200 – Par: 5

HOLE 9 = Yards: 115 – Par: 4

HOLE 10 = Yards: 49 – Par: 3

HOLE 11 = Yards: 152 – Par 5

HOLE 12 = Yards: 62 – Par: 3

HOLE 13 = Yards: 185 – Par: 5

HOLE 14 = Yards: 72 – Par: 3

HOLE 15 = Yards: 66 – Par: 3

HOLE 16 = Yards: 120 – Par: 4

HOLE 17 = Yards: 142 – Par: 4

HOLE 18 = Yards: 81 – Par: 3

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