Expat Life: My Box of British ‘Stuff’ From Home

I can’t believe that I’ve now been in America for a month!  To help me settle into my new home and country, my Mum is spoiling me and each month she’ll be sending me a box of some of my favourite British food (read as: sweets/candy…) and a few of the items that I didn’t have space for when I first packed to move here!  I received my first box during the week so I thought I’d share what was included!

  • A 1 year Anniversary card from my Sister

My parents had given me their’s before they went home (which was BEFORE my anniversary), my Sis wasn’t so on the ball so she chucked one in the box! 🙂

  • A jar of Marmite

This was an item where because I COULDN’T find it anywhere in the supermarkets here, I suddenly REALLY wanted it!  My American Other Half tried it on one of his visits and hated it…true to its tag line “You either love it or you hate it!”.  For my American readers that may not know what it is, it’s basically a spread that you put on bread/toast/crackers.  It’s yeast extract…which sounds kinda strange…and is thick, dark brown, shiny, sticky and has a bitter taste.  (The Australian equivalent is Vegemite, I love that too!).  I’m not a fan of Peanut Butter, I once tried a PB and Jelly sandwich when I was a Camp Counsellor and I don’t plan to ever eat one again.  I now have something else to put on bread other than butter!

  • A Cadbury’s Freddo Frog

Here we go with the chocolate items!  I’m not even a huge chocolate fan but when American chocolate tastes so bad (sorry) it makes me miss the English stuff so bad!  Cadbury’s is a British chocolate company, you can even visit the factory that’s in Birmingham!  It was bought out by Hershey’s but thankfully the taste stayed the same.  I believe British chocolate uses more milk or cream or something?  It has more of a creamy texture to it.  A Freddo Frog is a bite size chunk of chocolate, the type that used to be in shops for 10p!

  • Cadbury’s Twirl (5 Pack)

Flakey chocolate coated in a layer of chocolate!  Kinda like the type of chocolate you’d have stuck in ice cream!

  • Daim Bars (3 Pack)

One of my favourite types of chocolate!  Brittle hard caramel covered in chocolate!

  • Ferrero Rocher (4 Pack)

This was a spooky one, I was only telling my Other Half about these a few days before my box arrived (the majority of the contents was unknown to me).  I actually managed to find a bar of Cadbury’s in a DIY store of all places but instead of having hazelnuts in it like the British version, it had almonds in, which lead to the discussion of ‘do you get hazelnuts in America’?  One of the main ingredients of a Ferrero Rocher is hazelnut!  There’s a whole hazelnut in the middle, surrounded by ‘liquid’ chocolate, inside a wafer ball, coated in chocolate with chopped hazelnuts!  They are amazing.  We used to have them a lot at Christmas time.

  • Kinder Bars (8 Pack)

Funny fact.  Kinder EGGS, are illegal in America.  It’s a milk and white layered chocolate shell with a plastic pot inside it that contains a toy or parts of a toy that you put together like a puzzle.  They are illegal here because it mixes something edible with something non edible…in other words someone tried to eat the toy.  You can’t even import them.  Kinder Bars are thicker versions of the chocolate shell.

  • Mini StarMix Haribos

I believe you can buy Haribos in America…they pop up all over the place but they don’t always have quite the same taste or consistency.  They are my favourite chewy sweets!

  • Flying Saucers (Bumper Bag)

Again, my other half doesn’t seem to think that Flying Saucers exist in the States.  They are a sugar paper disc with sherbet in the middle.  I can literally eat one after the other!  They are quite popular at fairgrounds or at sweet stands at British seasides…usually in a cone shaped bag, hanging from the ceiling by a peg!

  • Strawberry & White Chocolate Popcorn

I hadn’t had this before, apparently it was something my Sister had picked up, it was pretty tasty!

  • Post-it Notes

In blue, my favourite colour.  I know they sell Post-it Notes in America but they are always handy 🙂

  • Box of Man Sized Tissues

My Other Half was amazed by the size of the tissues we had at our house when he was in the UK for a visit, they are about 3 times the size of a regular sized tissue!

  • A dinner place mat that I’ve had since I was young

I’ve been using this place mat for years and it was something I had forgot to pack…I don’t even have a table in my USA house yet!  But now I have it ready for when I do!

  • My bum bag/fanny pack

And lastly, my bum bag.  They used to be popular in the UK back in the 80s and then kinda disappeared (unless you are a waitress), however they are becoming more popular with young people again, especially at festivals.  I bought a flat one that I found perfect for visiting theme parks, I could wear my money and my phone around my waist and could take it with me on rides without worrying about items flying out of my pockets!  My job at the school suggested it would be something that may be useful to keep Band Aids etc in at Recess, I’m not sure if I’ll use it for work but at least now I have the option!

I loved receiving my parcel, it’s always nice to get exciting post!  It made me feel closer to home even though I’m far away!

Are you an expat?  Is there anything that you like to receive from home?  Is there anything you miss?  Have you ever found something on your travels that you wish you could get a home?  Let me know in the comments below!

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