My Favourite Way to Capture a Landscape

Flicking back through my photos, there is always one type of picture that catches my eye.  I find that the key to some of my favourite landscape photos is to shoot looking through a frame.  It could be a natural frame, it could be a window or a hole in a ruin, I love the way it adds another dimension to the picture and really brings a certain part of the shot into focus.

Here’s an example.  Walking around the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia there are plenty of look out towers with little stone windows, some looking over the Adriatic, some looking over the city.  Early in the morning it also helped that the light was on my side too!


Dubrovnik Old Town

This shot is busy.  What’s the first thing you notice?  The orange roofs?  Lokrum Island? Or is it the city walls?  As I was walking the city walls, ideally I wanted to capture the walls rather than just another cityscape.  Rather than sticking my camera THROUGH the window in the wall like I did to get this shot, I decided to USE the window to frame the city.


Dubrovnik City Walls

Almost exactly the same view is now focused on the city walls in two different ways!  The city walls are in the centre of the shot and you can see the detailed texture of the stonework that surrounds the picture.

Some destinations will even give you a helping hand to frame shots and landmarks…literally.  While walking round Riga in Latvia, I came across various frames dotted around the city focusing on places of interest!

This was one of my favourite ones found near Bastion Hill Park:

Bastion Hill Park Riga Latvia

I love the way the pink boarder adds another colour to the shot!

Do you have a favourite perspective for capturing a landscape?  I would really love to invest in a Drone.  I think photographs taken directly from above look awesome!  I always take pictures out of aeroplane windows but often think I’m that little bit too high up to capture detail, a drone would offer the perfect high/detail balance!

Header Image: Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast – Montenegro

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