I’m Proud to Call my Parents my ‘Best Friends’

Today, my parents have been married for 30 years.  Yay!  Go them!  I couldn’t have wished for better parents, they are my best friends and my inspiration and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  For nearly 28 years I have lived with them at home.  I see things in the news saying ‘oh it’s sad, children are still living at home at 30’, yes maybe, but part of me never wanted to move out and it’s not because it’s a ‘cushy’ lifestyle.

I’ve been happy to live at home for so long because I just couldn’t imagine going home from work and just knocking around in an empty house by myself with just the TV or my laptop for company.  It just seemed depressing.  I LOVE being able to come home and have people to talk to.  We all have similar interests so there’s always someone to talk to about something.  We rant to each other about idiots we’ve come across at work (my Dad is a truck driver and I used to be a delivery driver so road users are always a hot topic!), we discuss things we’ve seen in the news and talk about our plans for the future.  When it’s nice outside, me and my Mum go for walks around the fields near our house.

Of course being at home means I’m in the best financial position I’ll probably ever be in, BUT I’m not spoilt.  I’ve always bought and paid for the upkeep of my cars (when I had a company vehicle I let my Dad use my car if ever his broke down), I pay my own phone bill and I give ‘house keeping’ money to my Dad and I even used to pay £40 a month into my Mum’s travel fund.  When I was working out how early I could quit my job before emigrating, my house keeping costs were included.  I haven’t been at work for 4 months now, I receive no benefits, the money I pay them comes direct from my savings.  They didn’t ask me to do this, but I respect them and I’m not going to abuse their love.  If I had my own home, the bills wouldn’t stop if I didn’t have a job so why should they if I’m living at home?!

A perk of living at home is home cooked meals (although I think Dad would disagree)!  We have always sat round the dinner table together as a family and still do.  I can cook for myself but my speciality is cakes and desserts, I make my parents fruit pancakes once a week and I make cakes for special occasions, chocolate Guinness cake being a popular one!

My parents my best friends

They have ALWAYS supported my travels.

This I’ll always been eternally grateful for!  Well it was partly their fault after all!  I grew up  travelling round the UK every summer and the obsession snowballed and the dreams got bigger.

Parents are role models and teach their children.  I love the fact I feel like I can give back to them now by showing them the world and helping them to reach their dreams too.  Some of my most memorable trips have been with them (and of course my Sis).  Completing Route 66 (almost 3000 miles) across America felt like a huge achievement and we could all share that joy.  I was proud to be there when they visited Hawaii, pretty much on the opposite side of the world from the UK, I don’t think it’s a place they ever thought they’d visit.  This year I took my Mum to Poland so she could visit Auschwitz, a trip I doubt she would have had the confidence to make without me.

My parents make THE best travel partners.

Having lived with each other for years, we know we can live with/tolerate each others bad points and can survive being in close quarters for long amounts of time!  Unconditional love and all that!  We’ve got each others backs no matter what!

Having a child emigrate 4000 miles away must be one of the hardest things for a parent to deal with.  Despite the fact we are all dreading ‘leaving day’, my parents have always supported my decision and even helped me research and complete the application process.  My Mum left work early to rescue me when the trains got cancelled and I nearly missed my medical appointment in London and my Dad is even taking the day off work for my embassy meeting, just to be there as my cheer leader.  Knowing they are there for me, makes the whole thing a lot easier.

My parents have even started their own little Iowa bucket list and get excited about the prospect of coming to visit me in the future.  I can’t wait to be able to pay them back by hosting them on their visits!

I wish we were going to be living closer so we could be more of a part of each other’s everyday life, hopefully we won’t miss too many ‘mile stones’ but I know we’ll always make an effort for each other, because that’s what families and best friends do 🙂  I can only hope my marriage lasts as long as theirs (29 more years to go!)


3 thoughts on “I’m Proud to Call my Parents my ‘Best Friends’

  1. Such a lovely post. My parents are my best friends too. Not only are they my travel buddies, they moved in with my husband and I when we had kids. We are a team and we love having a full house. I hope my kids will see me as their best friend too.

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    1. Thank you! Awh that’s lovely! I love being part of a close family, you’re exactly right, it’s great to feel part of a team and have that unconditional love!


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