To My Long Distance Sister

How bad do I feel?  I’m the eldest ‘child’, my parents had my sister so I’d always have a friend in life no matter what.  And now I’m moving 4000 miles away with a whole ocean between us.  I hope we NEVER feel like we are an only child because we won’t get to see each other as often as we may like, no matter how far apart we are we will always be Sisters and I’ll always be on the end of a FaceTime call.  So this post, is for you, my (soon to be *sniff*) long distance Sister, Lisa.

An important part of being a big sister is to be a role model and hopefully be an inspiration.  I can’t believe that just as I’m leaving, the girl who I drag around the world with me for company, has now been bitten by the travel bug.  Seeing the joy on your face when you were playing around in the sea in Hawaii (you never go in the sea!)…even when you did get hit by a wave…was amazing, you didn’t have a care in the world!

Nothing makes me happier than hearing you suggest new places that you want to explore.  My biggest wish for you is to carry on following in my footsteps, travel the world, having experiences and create memories that will last you a lifetime.  Obviously I’ll come back and visit the UK and you can GUARANTEE within that time I’ll squeeze in some of our European adventures, you’re my go-to travel buddy after all!  Tallinn, Estonia…it’s on!  It’s been on my travel bucket list for ages!  (How about adding on the ferry across to Finland?  Well, you know what I’m like!!)

You asked me the other day if I was proud of you, because you had bought a little document folder to organise all your paperwork, confirmations, maps, attraction information and discount vouchers, for your up and coming mini ‘staycation’.  ABSOLUTELY (and you’ve discovered just how awesome packing cubes are too!).  It doesn’t matter that it’s only 2 hours away on a train, the fact is you are getting out and living your life.  This is just the beginning, you DO have the skills to go further and trust me, if you take the leap and step out your comfort zone, you won’t believe the person you’ll become.  Your confidence and self esteem will go through the roof.

Lisbon Portugal

I know it’s your dream to visit Australia before you turn 26.  I don’t yet know what my future holds for me, I hope and pray that if for whatever reason logistics don’t work out, you don’t let me hold you back from fulfilling that dream even if it means I can’t come too.  You have my knowledge at your disposal and I am more than happy to help and share it with you.

You better come and visit me in the US, even if it means flying alone.  I’ll ALWAYS be waiting for you at the airport, you can count on that.  There’s a whole load of theme parks in Iowa and Illnois we need to get our butts to and the christmas light Segway tour in Chicago?! …err YES!!!  If you don’t fancy driving on the M25 (Britain’s biggest car park) to London Heathrow, there’s always the London Underground or the airport link buses, that’s how a lot of my early travels began (there’s something strangely fun about dragging your luggage on and off of tube trains).  You’ve been travelling to London alone for years, you’re a pro at that!  Start small and think big!

Bet you can’t guess what your Christmas and Birthday presents are going to be in the future…endless supplies of American sweets (candy)!  Sprees on mail order!…if you don’t want Dad to eat them all, HIDE THEM!

Just remember if ever you need me, I’ll always be at the end of a FaceTime call, a message or on a Snap (with a distorted face filter that’s bound to brighten your day!), no matter what time of the day or night, I’m always there for you.

Keep reaching for your dreams, nothing is impossible, I believe you’ll never let anything get in your way.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way 😉

Oh and Happy Birthday 🙂


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