Gung Ho – 5k Inflatable Obstacle Course!

There are so many different types of fun runs now that are open to people of all ages and abilities, 5k’s (3miles), 10k’s, women’s only, colour runs, mud runs, bubble runs, chocolate runs and 5k inflatable obstacle run!  Gung Ho is a ‘touring’ event around the UK, my nearest was located at Brand’s Hatch Racecourse in Kent.  I was booked in for the 10.45am ‘wave’ time.  Start times were staggered all through the day to stop bottle necks at the inflatables that were approximately every 500 metres along the course.  Some obstacles were easier than others!

Without obstacles, I can run 5k in 27 minutes.  It took me 50 minutes to complete this course, and my sister took 1 hour 10.  I loved the start line, after the time wave’s countdown, everyone sprints towards a slide about 100 metres away and literally throw themselves over the top of it!  It then also meant that a lot of people seemed to have used up all their energy reserves within this first little mad dash!

The first water stop was at 2km (the 2nd was right near the end).  We were allowed to take a bottle with us but if you didn’t want to carry it, there were cups available for a quick drink.  MUCH needed, even though it was an overcast and pretty cold day, I was desperate for water at this point!

My favourite inflatables were a giant bouncy castle (if you’ve ever been on a regular bouncy castle as an adult…think again!  This one is a reinforced adult version which you can actually bounce pretty high on!) and the final slide is the biggest inflatable slide in Europe!

Check out my GoPro footage below!

Is it suitable for kids?

Quite a few kids were taking part in the run while I was there, but it was mainly adults.  At the end of the day, it is a 3 mile course, you have to follow the route between the obstacles.  I would say most of them are child friendly, there was a ‘racing’ one where you had to crawl on your hands and knees, climb through holes and then go down a little slide at the end, a maze and a ‘pen’ full of giant blow up balls that you have to push  out of the way to get through!

5K Inflatable Obstacle Course

The most difficult ones were a 5 foot wall…even I couldn’t get over this one without help!  I’m only 5ft3 and needed a leg up to get over it!  The other one was like a climbing wall with hand and foot holds, I managed alone but the grips were quite a stretch away from each other!  At each of these there were marshals to assist people that were struggling and these were also where the bottle necks occurred because it took people a few attempts to complete them.

*TIP* I was half expecting it to happen…I remember when I used to go to indoor playgrounds as a kid and you always had to wear long sleeves and cover up legs to go on the big slide…I wore shorts and I did end up with a friction burn on my knee!  Most people were wearing 3/4 length lycra bottoms.

I was half expecting to get wet (and not just from the British weather), I knew there was a foam pit at the end, I’d even put my Fitbit in a waterproof pouch!  But only up to my knees actually got wet, it was literally right at the very very end of the slide, some people even avoided it by just jumping over the wall!

Everyone that completed the course was given a T-shirt and a headband (featured in the photo at the top) which was included in the event ticket price.  I booked quite a long way in advance so I paid £30.  There was also an additional car park charge of £5.

For more information, check out the Gung Ho 5K Inflatable Obstacle Course website!

I had a great time and would recommend Gung Ho for anyone looking for a different type of ‘easy’ fun run!  There are still a few events left this year so it’s not too late!  Have you ever done a fun run? Let me know in the comments below!

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5K Inflatable Obstacle Course Fun Run - Gung Ho UK

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