Expat Update: May 2016

Expat UpdateAnother month gone already!  Here I’ll be looking back on what I’ve been up to this month, the places I’ve been, the highs and lows, how the endless visa process is going and other random things I’m finding interesting this month!  *Little Side Note* I’m still not quite an Expat yet…preparing myself for when I am!

Visa Update

Days since the first visa correspondence = 253


I’ve been given an interview date at the London embassy and I’ve arranged my medical appointment too.  That’s hopefully the last of it all.  We’ve even roughly picked a date to head Stateside but can’t book flights or anything until I’ve got the all clear from the embassy!

3/5/16 – Email received from NVC saying pack was received and there’s currently a 30 day processing wait

25/5/16 – Email received from the NVC saying they have now got in touch with the London Embassy and are awaiting an interview date for me

26/5/16 – Embassy interview date given for 6th July

31/5/16 – Medical booked for 14th June

(See full timeline so far HERE)

Where I’ve Been




Bosnia &Herzegovina:

  • Neum
  • Medjugorje
  • Mostar
  • Pocitelj

Old Bridge Mostar Bosnia


  • Krakow
  • Auschwitz

May Highs

May has been the month I’d been looking forward to the most!  It was jam packed and I got to see so many cool places.  I loved my solo trip to Croatia, I ticked climbing Kotor’s City Walls off my bucket list, I spent the weekend in London with my sis seeing my all time favourite band (Busted) back to back twice in a row and I took my Mum to Poland and we absolutely kicked butt at an escape room!

Lokrum swimming

May Lows

In Kotor, Montenegro – I don’t know if it was me letting my guard down or the woman serving me wasn’t concentrating as she was on the phone, but I was given the wrong change in a shop and just didn’t realise.  I was given 1Euro change instead of 11Euros…oh well!

Blog Progress

I’ve got a confession, I haven’t actually done much this month!  As I mentioned above, it was my fun filled travel month, I left my laptop behind and just enjoyed my surroundings!

Blogs I’ve Contributed to This Month

Sharing some love for other blogs I’ve contributed to!  Go check them out! :)

Not so much a contribution but I have recently discovered sincerelyiowa.com!  My blog is featured on the list of Iowa Bloggers!  I’m really looking forward to checking out the other blogs that feature, will be nice to be part of a network when I move over.

Songs For The Playlist

Everything I Knew – Busted.  This song is actually 14 years old, I’m SO glad I got to see it performed live at the weekend!

Apps I’m Enjoying

Fitbit!  I’m OBSESSED!  I recently bought a Fitbit Flex.  If I don’t reach 10000 steps a day I feel like I’m a failure.  It’s interesting being able to track my sleep too.  All seems to be pretty accurate!

2016 Reading Challenge

So far I’m on target for my 2 books a month challenge!  You can check out my 2016 category challenge here!

The Illegal Gardener – Sara Alexi

My Rating: 3/5 – I struggled to get into it at first, probably more my fault, I tend not to read much fiction, but by the 2nd chapter I couldn’t put it down!  It’s a story about an English woman that has moved to a Greek Island and hires an illegal immigrant to help her sort out her garden.  They become friends and she learns more about the man’s life as an immigrant.  There’s also a pretty big twist which is interesting!

Maybe This Christmas – Sarah Morgan

My Rating: 5/5 – Another book in the Snow Crystal trilogy.  I read the first one last month, after getting it as a free download from Amazon and this follows the story of 2 other characters that were featured in the first book.  I actually skipped the 2nd book, purely because after reading the first, I liked the 2 main characters in this book more than the 2 that are featured in the 2nd!  I actually read this while in Croatia, in the sun, on a beach.  It didn’t matter that the book was based around Christmas and winter, I found it a nice easy holiday read.

I Grew My Boobs in China – Savannah Grace

My Rating: 5/5 – I follow Savannah on Twitter, her book has been on my reading list for a while and this month I finally downloaded it and read it!  It follows their family as they pack up their lives and hit the road for a year.  This book covers 3 countries of their giant trip!  Savannah was only 14 when they first started their adventure, I may not have travelled long term at that age but I remember moaning about things when camping in the UK, such as walking for miles, how rubbish the weather was etc!  It was also funny because I’ve managed to avoid squat toilets for YEARS (yes I’m nearly 30) and the day I got caught out this month by one in Bosnia, I hit the chapter about her first experiencing squat toilets herself!  I knew exactly how she felt!  I also love the bond they have as a family.

Other Things That Have No Category!

Today I watched a TV programme ‘An Immigrant’s Guide to Britain’, it was HILARIOUS.  For those in the UK, there are 2 more episodes left, shown at 10pm on a Monday night.  It basically gives immigrants/expats lessons on how to act in Britain, things like talking about the weather for hours and going on caravan holidays.  I recommend it, can’t wait until next week’s episode!

What’s Coming up in June

No overseas trips this month!  This weekend I’ll be running in the Gung Ho 5k Inflatable Obstacle Course race at Brands Hatch in Kent.  The weekend after I SHOULD be back at Brands Hatch for the American Speedfest Car Show!  There’s then my Visa Medical (which I’m really not looking forward too, I hate the doctors at the best of times!!) in the middle of the month.  There are a couple of other things I want to do before I move to America, no plans are set in stone so some of them may crop up during June!

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Phew! Have a great June everyone!


4 thoughts on “Expat Update: May 2016

  1. I also just got a fitbit and absolutely love it! It’s fun to see how far you walk every day, especially when traveling! Congrats on being given an interview date for the visa process!


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