Expat Update: April 2016

Expat UpdateAnother month gone already!  Here I’ll be looking back on what I’ve been up to this month, the places I’ve been, the highs and lows, how the endless visa process is going and other random things I’m finding interesting this month!  *Little Side Note* I’m still not quite an Expat yet…preparing myself for when I am!

Visa Update

Days since the first visa correspondence = 220


Our AOS pack has been sent to the NVC and my DS260 form has been submitted online…it took 2hrs 30 to complete!  It’s the last American pack before my whole application is sent on to London ready for the Interview so fingers crossed everything is correct!

30/3/16 – IV form (DS260) filled in and submitted online

14/4/16 – AOS pack mailed to NVC

(See full timeline so far HERE)

Where I’ve Been


  • Romsey – via London to pick up my Dad’s new Chevy truck!
  • Hastings – well I leave tomorrow to go camping
  • Essex

Czech Republic:

  • Prague

April Highs

My Prague trip with my Sister!  We planned the trip using a kids guide and done so many cool things!  My favourite was the Alpine Bobsleigh, so much fun! (Image below: Vytopna Restaurant where the drinks are delivered to the table by miniature railway!)

A Different Perspective: 48hrs in Prague Using a Kids Guide

Vytopna Prague


April Lows

This month has probably been one of the hardest visa process wise, struggled a bit at the start of the month, it’s a long dragged out process that just plays with your emotions!  Trying to get my medical records from the NHS for my immigrant medical check in London has been like trying to draw blood from a stone too.

Blog Progress

I hit a mini mile stone!  In this past month I’ve had 500 visitors, so thanks to everyone that’s stopped by!  It may not seem like much but seeing my blog grow each month is positive!

Blogs I’ve Contributed to This Month

Sharing some love for other blogs I’ve contributed to!  Go check them out! :)

Surreal Travel Destinations – Drifter Planet.  My contribution was the Sahara Desert…so weird being out in the middle of NOWHERE, where even footprints are blown away almost instantly.

Camping in the Sahara Desert

Off Roading in Iceland – The Thought Card.  This is one of my favourite travel blogs at the moment!  Danielle is off to Iceland next week so was looking at people’s experiences within the country 🙂

65 Stunning Paradises You Need To Visit Around The World – Anita Hendrieka.  My contribution was the Windward Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  It was a tie between the Maldives and Hawaii but I still say Hawaii is one of my favourite places in the world so that’s what I went with for the collaboration!

Travel Scams Around The Globe – The World Pursuit.  I’ve been lucky to have not come across many, but the ticket machine in Budapest did annoy me, it’s something so simple that could be avoided very easily if people were aware. (My post in more detail can be found HERE)

Songs For The Playlist

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley #So don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, gonna be alright!#

Apps I’m Enjoying

Geocaching!  Me and my Mum went hunting for a couple in my home town!  We only use the free version and that’s enough to keep you going!  I’ll be writing about this in more detail in the up and coming months!

2016 Reading Challenge

So far I’m on target for my 2 books a month challenge!  This month I have also completed ONE category on my category challenge!

Girl Online – Zoe Sugg

My Rating: 5/5 – I should have had another category “Judging a book by its cover”, but this was all good!  It was my Sister’s book and I liked the cover so decided to read it!  I read it in 2 days, I couldn’t put it down.  Written by UK Vlogger, Zoe Sugg, I’d say it’s more aimed at teenagers, but I was hooked because it was about a British girl (a 15yr old) who had gone to America with her parents and she met and fell in love with an American.  Found myself relating to a lot of their conversation about accents/culture, just like me and my other half in the early days!

My Life With Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry – Rita Marley

My Rating: 3/5 – My Mum bought it after her trip to Jamaica last month, was an interesting read, didn’t love it, didn’t hate it though.  More a story about Rita’s life as opposed to Bob’s.

The World According to Bob – James Bowen

My Rating: 5/5 – The second book by James Bowen.  I read his first book last month, “A Street Cat Called Bob”, and this just carries on where the last one left off.  Following the day to day life working as a Big Issue seller on the streets of London…with the addition of a pet cat!  Written in a way that keeps you interested.  The presence of Bob the Cat in James’ life gave him the drive to change his life for the better and try and get off the streets into something more stable.  I’ll be reading his third book soon!

  • Part one of a series

Sleigh Bells in the Snow – Sarah Morgan

My Rating: 5/5 – Sleigh Bells?  In April?  Amazon had a promotion on where if you bought a book in December, you could get 1 ebook out of the choice of 6 for free, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to books and this was the only one that I kinda thought might have a chance.  Based in Vermont, USA, a family owned Ski Lodge is slowly losing business, in attempt to try and turn things round, they employ the help of a media expert from New York City.  Pretty predictable storyline, typical love story but it made me want to go on a proper winter holiday (I normally escape to the sun in the winter!).  The second two books in the series focus on the stories of other characters from the first book, will probably download them at some point, the characters are all really likeable!

Other Things That Have No Category!

I am now the parent of a hedgehog called Sonic!  The other half in America bought a pet hedgehog, I haven’t seen it yet but I helped pick it out over FaceTime!  It’s so strange because in the UK they are a wild animal, but in the States they are classed as an exotic pet (the ‘exotic’ part makes me laugh!) as they aren’t a native species!

What’s Coming up in May

I’m starting May in HASTINGS on the South Coast of England, I get back and a day later I’m off to CROATIA for a week!  I’ll be taking day tours to MONTENEGRO and BOSNIA too, I’m travelling solo so will be spending the time relaxing, sight seeing and using the hotel gym.  The following week I’ll be having a weekend city break in POLAND with my Mum (the city is still being kept under wraps, she’s knows the country but the city is a surprise!).  The last weekend in May, will be spent with my Sis in LONDON, her birthday is in June so I’ve got a couple of surprises booked for her and we’re seeing our favourite band, Busted, 2 nights on the trot (making the most in case I never get to see them again once I emigrate!).  So even though we live 50 minutes from London, we’re staying in a hotel up there to make a bit of a trip of it!


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Phew! Have a great May everyone!

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