The Most Annoying Thing About Solo Travel


Inspired by a post I read recently on The Thought Card, about how annoying the single supplement is, I decided to write about the thing that annoys ME the most about solo travel.  Don’t get me wrong, solo travel can be great, I’ve wrote about it a couple of times in the past HERE , I even have a solo trip coming up next month, but for me MINIMUM NUMBER trips are a huge thorn in my side.

Most of the time, I travel solo because I can’t find anyone that wants to join me on a particular crazy trip.  If it’s a case of miss out or go alone, I’ll just go alone.  I’ll usually pick a destination based on an activity I’ve seen that can be done there.  Now I understand that companies have to make a profit, but you can imagine my annoyance when I’ve travelled allllll the way to a certain country, to receive the dreaded phone call saying that no one else has booked and the tour has to be cancelled.

I’ve missed out on Hydro Speeding THREE TIMES because of this!!!  You’d think I’d just give up as it’s obviously just not meant to be, but it’s still wedged firmly at the top of the bucket list, I’ll get to do it one day!!!

Don’t tell Danielle from The Thought Card, but I’ve even offered to pay twice just in hope that a trip would still go ahead!  I don’t think they thought I was being serious though and it still got cancelled…

There have been 2 near misses…2 ATV tour bookings (once in Jamaica and once in Canada) had to be rearranged, thankfully my schedule was flexible enough to be able to go at a later time and join up with other solo travellers on these occasions.

Kudos to my Glacier hike guide in Whistler, Canada…she was still prepared to take me alone.  It was a brilliant trip that was adapted to suit my individual speed! (Click the picture below to read about the trip!).  If guides are already there at work, then what’s the problem!

Whistler Canada Blog

Another example is recently when I was in the Maldives, I wasn’t alone (I was on my honeymoon!) but a couple was counted as ONE.  Most day trips off the island required a minimum of two couples even though you paid individually.  Travelling out of season meant that the already small resort was pretty empty and the tour sign up sheets remained blank the whole time we were there.  We couldn’t have got off the island even if we had wanted to.

There are a lot of companies I’ve come across where you can pay extra to have a private tour if you are solo, but as Danielle says in her post, it’s really not fair and does often put me off booking.

It does constantly make you wonder about future solo travels.  I have booked onto 2 ‘small group’ tours for my next trip.  Now I can’t see anywhere that says there’s a minimum number, the small group tours are an awful lot cheaper than a private tour, I don’t mind travelling as a group, but I can’t help but think if no one books for the same day, are they just going to get cancelled on me again?  I hope not.

Is this something you’ve ever experienced on your travels?


6 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Thing About Solo Travel

  1. Hi Kylie! The minimum number requirement would also grind my gears especially when you travel so far to get to your destination or activity, they should at least let you know ahead of time if the trip is likely to get canceled – not the day of! That way you can rearrange your itinerary – very frustrating. This is something I will definitely keep in mind as I plan my trips. I rather avoid these types of tours all together. Boycotting the Single Supplement:

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    1. The majority of the time it’s the adrenaline sports that no one else is crazy enough to want to do! I came across accompany in the week that wanted a minimum of 10! No chance of that one happening!

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