Icelandic Hill Climbing – In The Cab

I hadn’t heard of Icelandic Hill Climbing (also known as Formula Offroad) until my Dad told me that he wanted to go to Iceland.  He’d found an experience to be a passenger in a crazy 820bph nitrous powered off road buggy that is capable of going up near vertical hills and can even aquaplane across water.  He needed a ‘buddy’ to lower the cost of the trip and I was the only one that could help him tick this mission off his bucket list!  Formula offroad is a popular motor sport in Iceland, they hold competitions that include: hill climbing, offroad tracks and freestyle.  Check out my view from inside the cab below!

The experience lasted around 10 minutes.  The only way to describe it, is like an uncontrollable roller coaster that’s not restricted to tracks!  One minute you’ll be facing the sky going up the vertical wall of a quarry, next you’re driving straight towards the edge of a huge drop, when the accelerator is slammed down you are thrown back into your seat with a G force like no other.  I got soaked with freezing cold ice water, covered from head to toe in mud, but at the end I had a huge grin on my face, so to me, it was a success!

Offroad Reykjavik Formula Offroad

The cost?  For 2 people sharing 1 car, the price PER PERSON is ISK112,500…that works out at £600/$850 EACH.  The 10minute ride costs MORE than what I pay for a return flight between London and Chicago.  Definitely a once in a life time experience and the most I’ve ever paid on one single experience, but it’s something I’m glad to have done!  Plus it made my Dad a very happy bunny (even if my Mum spent the whole time hiding her face in a scarf and planning her speech on how to tell my other half that I couldn’t marry him because I had died!)

Want to try Icelandic Hill Climbing yourself?

I booked my experience through! You can visit their website for more information!

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Icelandic Hill Climbing Formula Offroad Experience in Iceland

4 thoughts on “Icelandic Hill Climbing – In The Cab

    1. Thanks! Glad I could be a help! If you’re into motor sport they have ATV tours too (and snow mobile trips in the winter) but I didn’t have time to do them so I can’t say how good they were!


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