Do Adrenaline Junkies Ever Get Scared?

Do adrenaline junkies ever get scared?  In short, yes.  I consider myself an adrenaline junkie to a certain extent.  I’ve always been obsessed with theme parks and rides, I done my first skydive when I was 17, my Dad even had to come along with me because I was too young to sign my own waiver form!  I’m by no means a professional, I’m hardly going to start base jumping but I enjoy trotting round the globe, hunting for activities that are within reach to anyone with a give it a go attitude.  To most of my friends and family, I look fearless, my photos often make them feel sick, but there is one activity that I’m still wary of and have even chickened out of on a couple of occasions.

It’s reached the point now where not a lot scares me.  I used to love the feeling of the nervous energy I’d get before doing something ‘extreme’, the butterflies, all of that.  It’s almost like I’ve become immune to adrenaline.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and get excited but where are the nerves?  I end up searching for anything that’s bigger and better that might bring it back.  My list of completed activities is already fairly long and my bucket list of things to try never gets any smaller.  When I done the SkyJump in Las Vegas, I found myself getting jealous of my Sister’s nerves, I thought nothing of it.  Paragliding – no nerves, Extreme Off-roading in an 800bhp turbo charged buggy up a vertical hill in Iceland…after I’d just seen my Dad get flipped upside down on his turn…-still nothing.


Cliff jumping scares me.  To the point where, as mentioned, I’ve turned it down on several opportunities.  While on an ‘adventure’ tour around Slovenia, our group stopped at the Most Na Soci bridge (think of the bridge in Moster, Bosnia that’s famous for its bridge jumpers…) where we could jump off.  It was 12 metres (40ft) between the jump platform and the river, thats HIGHER than a standard Olympic diving platform.  We were warned if you didn’t land arrow straight (feet first), you could injure yourself, you couldn’t cover your nose because the force on your elbow could break your nose, one guy landed with his arms out to steady himself and came back up all red and bruised.  Maybe it was just my ‘adult grown up brain’ telling me I had responsibilities, I could hardly go into work with a broken arm because I jumped off a bridge in a moment of craziness while I was on holiday.

Adrenaline Junkie

I was gutted at myself for not doing it afterwards, I love adrenaline!  I should have pushed myself!  It’s not even like I have a fear of water/deep water, I LOVE water, so much so I think I should have been born a fish, I’m always jumping off jetties, some of my favourite sports involve water.  It’s not even heights, I love those too, but mix the two together and it’s a different story.  It’s also part of the reason I’m yet to try Canyoning.  I managed to redeem myself slightly in Jamaica, I signed up for an ATV tour and at the end, we stopped at a cliff jumping area.  It was 3metres (15ft) high, a lot lot lower, again I nearly chickened out.  I’m normally the first in a group to offer to go first, but I hung back, another guy in the group plucked up the courage and went first, it didn’t look that bad, he cannon balled into the water, didn’t get hurt and didn’t seem to go down that deep, so I threw myself off after him and I loved it!  I even went back and had another turn!

I was SO proud of myself.

Cliff jumping

I may be an adrenaline junkie, but I know my limits, and I think they are very much determined on the fact I have responsibilities and I need to be sensible when it comes to my safety while taking part in an activity.  Maybe one day I’ll sign up for canyoning but for now, I’ve managed to tick cliff jumping off my bucket list, even though it was only a little cliff, it was a milestone for me.

Is there an activity that you’d NEVER take part in? or on the other end of the scale, is there something that you’d love to have a go at?  Let me know in the comments below!


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