5 Fun Ways to Stay Active While Travelling

I’m always under the impression that if I lived in a place that had a nice beach/waterfront boardwalk, I’d be the type of person that’d go running in the morning or evening, it always looks so relaxing.  Currently I live on the edge of town, with fields, a river and a lovely new cycle path, but do I run along it? No, not anymore, because you just used to end up being chased by dogs.  So it seems that when I travel, I actually exercise more than what I do when I’m at home.  Here are 5 fun ways to stay active while on the road!


I find that time passes so fast when I’m snorkelling.  I could have been ‘underwater’ for an hour without realising or even feeling worn out!  But it involves kicking (to get you from one reef to another), keeping your body afloat and sometimes swimming against currents.  It doesn’t even necessarily need to be a nice reef to swim around, sometimes if the sea is clear enough, just watching the fish swim along the sea bed can be interesting enough!  Take an underwater camera too and time will go even quicker!

Beach Running

When you have a lovely beach, how could you not want to run along it?!  I find running at sunrise is the nicest time, just before having breakfast!  Everywhere’s quiet and peaceful, even just a slow 30 minute jog can make you feel good!  Running on sand is harder than running on a hard surface so it must have some added benefits!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Another water sport, and one that is actually harder than it looks!  It is exactly what it says on the tin, standing up on a giant over sized surfboard and moving yourself along with one large paddle.  A lot of places I’ve come across will hire boards by the hour, for a half day or a full day and it’s not normally badly priced.  It can be done while at the beach (usually in areas where the sea is calmer…it really tests your balance if it’s slightly choppier!) or on rivers and lakes.  I’ve seen places that offer SUP tours and even SUP yoga!  I have yet to try these variations but it’s something on my list!

Keeping Active While Travelling

Walk Everywhere

This is one that’s suited to city breaks.  Simply walk everywhere!  Rather than getting a bus or a train, walk the streets between places, not only do you get to see more and it’s cheaper than transport but it’s keeping you fit at the same time!  One example is when I visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.  They offer tickets to go up the towers.  On the Passion Facade, there is a lift (elevator) to the top and then a lift back down BUT on the Nativity Facade, there is a lift that goes to the top but then you walk the whole way back down the tower by a spiral staircase.  Something so small that doesn’t seem much at the time, but it’s still exercise compared to taking the lift!  This can also by applied to hotels, if it’s possible, take the stairs instead!  Sometimes it’s even faster than waiting for the lift ironically!

Investing in a Fitbit Flex was the best thing I could have done.  I’ve always wandered just how far I actually walk when I travel (hey, walking is cheaper than public transport, helps with the budget!) and now I know!  For example, one day I clocked up over 20,000 steps while walking round Krakow, Poland!  The Fitbit Flex 2 is so high up on my wish list because it’s waterproof so tracks swimming too!

ATV Tours

Bit of a budget blower but it’s one of my favourite ways to see a destination!  Usually there are different levels of tours, some are suited more to beginners but there are options for more advanced rides too.  I tend to go for the advanced tours now as they involve inclines, going round tighter corners etc so I get a little bit more of an adrenaline kick out of it!  The morning after an ATV tour, you can tell that you’ve done it!  It works your arms, legs, back and shoulder muscles and these often end up aching!  For those that haven’t rode an ATV before, to get grip, you have to lean the way you want to turn and the handle bars aren’t like a steering wheel, it’s a lot more effort to move it, you need to physically push or pull the axle to get it to go in the direction you want it to.  I got wheel spin going up an icy slope once, I had to bounce up and down on the foot plates until it finally got a grip and freed itself…all while still holding down the accelerator at full power!

What are your favourite ways to stay active while travelling?  Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active While Travelling

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11 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways to Stay Active While Travelling

  1. I agree with the paddle boarding. I tried it the first time when I was in thailand. Oh my gosh, how hard is that? it takes an amazing amount of core strength! and walking everywhere, definitely 😉 I’m a fitness blogger on here too! love your blog 🙂 http://www.tifness.com/


  2. I love exploring cities by walking! Kayaking has been one of my favorite activities when I’m near the water! I haven’t been snorkeling yet, but I hope to soon!


    1. Thanks for the comment! Being a walker is handy as it’s the most versatile of the 5! For example, it doesn’t rely on needing to be in a certain location to be able to do it! 🙂


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