Snapshot Sunday: NYC Skyline at Sunset

New York City Skyline at Sunset

Read below to find out more about this image!

While I was in New York City, I visited 2 observation decks, the one at the Empire State Building and ‘Top of the Rock’ at the Rockefeller Center.  This shot was taken at the ‘Top of the Rock’, I think it was the better of the 2 because then you get the Empire State Building in photos (plus the tiny little Statue of Liberty on the island in the right hand side of the picture)!  Evening was a really nice time to visit as the lighting was really interesting and sunsets are always a winner.  No filter was used on this shot 🙂

Taken on: Hitachi HDC-861E (my very first point and shoot digital camera!)


Each week on my Instagram I will pick a different THEME, it could be a city, a certain trip, a country in general.  Over the week I’ll upload 7 photos and the most liked will be featured on my blog as Snapshot Sunday!



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