How I Use Travel to Relieve Stress

I struggle when it comes to switching off from work.  If I’ve had a bad day, it tends to play on my mind for the rest of the evening.  I’ll then dread having to go in and do it all again the following day, it’s a vicious circle.  I always want to do my best and that’s part of the problem!  I’ve found that TRAVEL is my ultimate stress reliever.  For me, the travel journey doesn’t necessarily start when I step on the plane, or get in a car, it’s the whole process, even the planning stages.  I feel relaxed and happy, knowing I’m doing something that I love and means the world to me.  Literally.

The Planning Stages

It’s not even like I’m trying to run away from my problems or responsibilities, as mentioned, I don’t even have to be away for travel to relax me.  I find that just researching for a trip can help distract me.  When I have a destination in mind, I’ll happily spend hours searching for things to do on tourist board websites, finding pins on Pinterest, reading other blogs and looking in travel books!  It excites me knowing that there are so many possible cool experiences that are all within my reach!  Even ‘shopping’ for accommodation is fun!  I set myself a budget and then pick an area and just look at all the options on offer…it’s much more fun than something like clothes shopping!  Much more satisfying!

When I don’t have a trip in planning stages, I’ll be looking for inspiration, even if I may never get there, it’s fun to dream!  Twitter Chats keep me entertained for ages, sometimes I’ll do a few back to back and before I know it 2 hours have passed in a blink of an eye.  It’s great to speak to so many people that share the same passion!  I love watching travel documentaries too, they can really bring a destination to life and maybe introduce me to a culture I may not have know much about before hand!

Venice Italy Gondola


I like to disconnect myself when I travel.  Wifi is good to be able to contact home, but I’ll try and stay off of things like Facebook, I don’t need to be reading about boring home things, if I’m in a destination, I’m going to make the most of immersing myself in a new place.  For example, I was having a tough time at work and I booked myself a solo 7 day trip to Jamaica with the intention of just relaxing and getting myself back to a happy place.  The hotel was booked into, only offered an hour of free Wifi a day, 24 hour access had to be paid for.  I was fine with the free option, as I was alone, I would video call home for an hour just so I wouldn’t get lonely and they knew I was safe and once it cut off, that was me done for the day.

I have my airport routine (I look forward to having an airport breakfast!) and on the plane I settle into my own little world of reading and music.  Once in a destination, it fills me with joy seeing pictures I had viewed online come to life in front of me.  Although I tend to book onto tours, sometimes I love it when my biggest decision of the day is ‘what I’m going to have for breakfast’?!  The rest of the day is just free to wander round and enjoy my new surroundings.

Sand Dunes Australia

Returning Home

Once I’m home, the travel relaxation power doesn’t stop!  For every trip, I get a photo book printed.  I find it therapeutic looking back through all of my photos, editing them and then deciding on a layout to show them in the best possible way.  The excitement then starts again when I receive it in the post and get to look through them all over again!  Again, having something to aim for and focus on saves me from thinking about negative things or mindlessly watching tv or just flicking through Facebook.

Blogging.  Blogging is an absolute life saver.  The whole Visa/Emigration process is probably the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to deal with.  If I didn’t have something to distract me from it, I’d just end up spending hours and hours trying to understand the minds of government, legal bods, whose life intention seems to be to make the lives of others, hell.  My blog helps me make sense of my thoughts and lets me reflect, look back and publish posts about my trips, times when I’m at my happiest, if in the mean time they help others to be inspired to go on an adventure, or if someone is going through a similar process and read my posts and realise they are not alone, that’s great, I’m glad I could be of help and thank you for taking the time to read them!

…and repeat!  Over and over and live a lovely happy travel filled life 🙂

I’m always here if you want to just say hi or have a question, I’d love to hear from you!


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