Snapshot Sunday: The Golden Circle, Iceland

Golden Circle, Iceland

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I visited Iceland back in April.  We hired a car, bought a good road map from a petrol station and set off on a couple of different routes.  This was taken on the way back to Reykjavik after doing a section of the classic Golden Circle tour.  The roads were empty and easily drivable!  I love how in this shot it looks like the road just stops dead at the giant snowy mountain!

Taken on: Canon Powershot sx700hs


I’m changing the way I Instagram from now on (and therefore Snapshot Sunday)!  Each week I will pick a different THEME, it could be a city, a certain trip, a country in general.  Over the week I’ll upload 7 photos and the most liked will be featured on my blog as Snapshot Sunday!



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4 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday: The Golden Circle, Iceland

  1. We chose to go with the Grayline tour. We come from a tropical country and driving on snowy roads in winter made us totally nervous. We were surprised how well the tours are organised. The pictures in summer look different and your post inspires us to revisit in summers!


    1. Yeah, coming from the UK, we aren’t great with snowy roads either! Visiting in April, most of the snow on the main roads had cleared up, our biggest problem was the fog/cloud! There was one particular ‘mountain’ pass on Route 1, not far out of Reykjavik, where each time we went along it, the visibility was pretty much zero! On hairpin bends it wasn’t exactly fun!


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