5 Benefits Of Waking Up Early On A Trip

Doesn’t make sense does it?  On a normal work day, I dread having to get out of bed, but when  I travel I can’t help but get up early!  Surely I should be chilling out and having a lay in?!  I will even research sunset and sunrise times in the destination so I can make optimum use of the daylight hours!  There are several reasons why this is part of my travel routine and why it should be in everyone else’s too!

5 Benefits To Waking Up Early On A Trip

1. Sunrises


I often think that sunrises are more special than sunsets.  The majority of people are usually awake to see the sun go down, but I love the feeling of thinking ‘wow how comes I’m the only one witnessing this?!’

2. Safety as a Solo Traveller

I’d rather wander around by myself in the day light than what I would at night time.  This is a huge reason for my confidence when travelling solo.  I’ve fallen into a routine where I might see a sunset, have dinner and then go back to my room and spend the rest of the evening reflecting on my day, writing in my journal etc.  If I’ve had an early start then I’m usually getting worn out by the time evening rolls round.

In Jamaica I worked out I could go for a run on the beach before breakfast, as it got light early.  In Barcelona, I had breakfast while it was dark so as soon as it was light I could go out and explore!  I feel the chances of being pick pocketed are a lot slimmer when there are less people, if someone was standing THAT close to me on an empty street, I’m gonna know something is up.  In a crowd, people bump into you all the time.

I also find it easier to get my bearings and not get lost when it’s light out.  Everything tends to look so different in the dark!

3. Photography

Getting up early = no random people getting in the way and spoiling photos!!  Here are some examples…late in the day is on the left, early in the morning is on the right!  (Looking back now, some of these photos could do with editing!!)

Early morning attractions

4. Attractions are less crowded

This one ties in with the photography aspect too.  As I’ve got older I now have a hatred of crowds, they stress me out.  Being first in line is always good!  I like being able to walk around without the feeling of being rushed.  A good example is when I walked the walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town.  I got there as soon as it opened and had them to myself.  By the time I reached the end, the beginning of the walk had crowds and crowds of people just starting out.

If I want to read a display board, I want to be able to see it without looking over someone’s shoulder.  Theme parks are like a military operation, I work out which ride will have the longest queue, if you’re first in line there’s no waiting, you may even be able to get a second go before they build up too much!

Dubrovnik City Walls

At the beach?  Sun loungers are always available early in the morning!  (However, leaving towels on loungers to reserve them, drives me insane, I like to sit and read when the beach is peaceful and quiet and all you can hear is the sea).

My favourite way to see a city is by Segway.  I LOVE the early Sunday morning tours.  There are no people to get in the way and you can whizz around without a care in the world.

5. It’s relaxing

Removing the hustle and bustle and noise, I feel I can enjoy a destination a lot more.  It’s also kinda nice watching everything ‘wake up’!  I love going from breakfast too, it’s my favourite meal when I travel, there never quite seems to be a ‘breakfast’ rush in the same way that there’s a dinner rush!

Does anyone else enjoy waking up early when they travel?

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5 Benefits of Waking Up Early On A Trip

9 thoughts on “5 Benefits Of Waking Up Early On A Trip

  1. I am an early riser too. You bring up a lot of good points that I will use the next time I have a travel companion that wants to sleep in!


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