My 2016 Travel Reading Challenge

I read quite a lot, but I just tend to flick through and download whatever catches my eye in the Amazon Top 100 Travel Section.  This year, my aim is to read 24 books, roughly 2 each month.  I’ve decided that half of them should be part of a ‘category’ just to encourage me to read something a little different!  I almost thought I’d failed before I even begun, the first book of the year was taking longer than expected but for now I’m safely back on track!

These are the 12 categories I’m aiming for!

  • A book based in England
  • A book based around Iowa/The Midwest
  • A book about somewhere I’m planning to go in the future
  • A book about somewhere I’ve been
  • A recommendation from someone else
  • A Biography
  • A book I’ve owned but never read
  • A ‘classic’
  • The book version of a movie
  • Part 1 of a series
  • Re-read a book that I’ll be leaving behind when I emigrate
  • A book that’s made the top 20 charts in a bookstore

Stay tuned to find out what I’m reading!  In my monthly Expat Updates I shall do a feature on what I’ve read that month and at the end of the year, I’ll write a big round up of my favourites!

Currently I’m reading Bill Bryson’s latest: “The Road to Little Dribbling”.  He’s always been one of my favourite authors, I find his books so funny they often bring me to tears!  I love him even more now because I feel I can relate to him in a way, he was born in Des Moines, Iowa and married a British woman, the reverse of my life!


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