40 Little Things That Make Me Smile When Travelling

Sometimes when it comes to travel, I feel that the bigger events such as, the people we’ve met, the places we’ve visited and the experiences we’ve had, often over shadow the smaller, simpler pleasures of travelling.  Don’t get me wrong, the major aspects are the things that have helped shape me as a person, but it’s those smaller things that make me smile, are the things that make me content with the life I live.  Every day for 2 years, I wrote down a positive thing that happened that day, sometimes if I had had a bad day at work, I’d struggle but just something like the sun being out or a song coming on the radio would have made me smile, it helped me focus on the smaller pleasures.

Things that make me smile when I travel:

  • Getting up in the middle of the night to head to the airport or go on a long car journey!
  • Airport/service station breakfast
  • 4am beer at the airport
  • When the sun is still just below the horizon but it lights up airplane vapour trails in the sky, they look like little comets!
  • When the cabin crew turn up
  • Seeing what is in the flight amenity kit, even though it’s always the same!
  • Planning the flight by what’s on the seat back entertainment movie channel
  • Watching the flight stats
  • Getting excited about what else will be on the inflight meal tray, despite knowing it’ll still taste like cardboard
  • When the pilot announces the temperature at the destination
  • The noise of receiving a new passport stamp!
  • Stepping off the plane and the breeze being warm
  • The journey from the airport: seeing the landscape, strange signs and cars etc!
  • Taking a photo of the hotel room still in PERFECT condition
  • Then opening up every empty drawer, cupboard and rooting through the tea/coffee tray!
  • Flicking through the TV to find foreign cartoons (it’s good for learning languages!)
  • Doing a circuit of the hotel/camp ground just to see everything
  • The smell of a seaside harbour
  • The first time you see the colour of really awesome sea
  • The sound of waves
  • The noise seagulls make
  • Going for a swim at some point on the first day just because you can!
  • The way it’s acceptable to eat ice cream 3 times a day
  • Being able to wear shorts and t-shirt day and night and not worry about being cold
  • Palm trees
  • The biggest decision that has to be made is where to go and eat
  • Going into a supermarket and deciding on what strange food or juice to buy!
  • Wandering round tourist tat shops
  • Buying my loved ones tat from the shops!
  • Spending an hour at the end of every day reflecting and writing in my journal
  • Getting up early and walking around a city or along a beach and feeling like I have it all to myself
  • Free breakfast buffets
  • Trying foreign beers
  • People watching
  • Sunsets/Sunrises

Sunset and surfing Hawaii

  • Hearing a song and knowing it’ll remind me of that moment forever
  • The smell of suncream
  • Postcards
  • Looking through all the photos when I return home
  • Making a photo book of my trip

Are there any simple things that make you smile when you travel?

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Smile when travelling

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