Finding Personalised Mailboxes in Kailua Oahu!

I think mailboxes are something us Brits will always kinda struggle to understand.  I mean where’s the security?!  Once our mail gets posted through the slot in our front door, that’s it!  It’s locked behind closed doors!  When it’s cold and rainy and you can’t be bothered to go outside, the mail is right there ready and waiting on the door mat!  BUT, you can’t decorate a letter box…American mailboxes have all ends of creative possibilities!

As if Kailua, Oahu (Hawaii) needed another reason for me to love it…yes I could quite happily live there, I love it THAT much.  The majority of houses had custom decorated mailboxes, it just seemed to make the town even more happy and cheery!

Mailbox Street Art

Obviously being in Hawaii they were mainly ocean themed!  One of them even said ‘Good Morning Mr Mailman!’.  Surely that’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!  We even walked the long way back from the beach one afternoon just to try and see as many of them as we could!  I’d love to find other towns where everyone follows suit and all have pretty mailboxes!

I told my other half about how awesome they looked…and hinted big time that I think we should custom our mailbox…and for Christmas the other year, he airbrushed a ‘Route 66’ styled one for my parents, it sits in our living room as a storage container!  Being long distance, it’s helpful when it comes to sending packages.  My parents can test to see if what they are sending is going to be the right size to fit in the mailbox my end!

Do you have a custom mailbox?  My neighbour’s looks like a cat!

Kylie Signature

Personalized Mailboxes in Kailua Hawaii

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