Travel Souvenirs: Christmas Edition

I read a lot of travel blogs and posts and you always see the same thing, don’t buy souvenirs, spend it on experiences.  I agree with the experience part, but as a part-time traveller, I’m not always on THAT tight of a budget, I can afford to do the experiences I want to, as well as buying the odd souvenir.  I love being surrounded by my travel memories everyday.  This is the Christmas Edition of Travel Souvenir ideas!  It’s a shame they only make an appearance for only a couple of weeks a year!

For a while now, whenever I go away I buy my Mum a Christmas Tree decoration as a present (along with a magnet…she’s a bit demanding!) and each year they go up on the ‘Memory Tree’.  I wish I’d collected them for myself too because when I move out they’ll be left behind!  (Apart from the Sydney Harbour Bridge one…that’s mine!).  It just gives me and the other half an excuse to make our own memory tree.  So far he only has one decoration that I sharpied our names and ‘2015’ onto, I want to make one for us each year, but we’ve got a lot of spare space to fill!

My favourite decoration below is the Latvia one, it came from the Riga Christmas Market and is actually a little clay bell!  It’s simple but cute 🙂



6 thoughts on “Travel Souvenirs: Christmas Edition

  1. Love these!!! I try not to get something from every place (because on longer trips they would weigh my bag down), but the few souvenirs I do have make me very happy. These are all super cute… you basically brought my love for travel and christmas together in one post : P


  2. These are cute!! I got my parents a wooden koala hanging onto a candy cane that hangs on the tree, it’s really nice and I wish I’d bought one for us! And in Hawaii I got a shirtless Santa in a hula skirt hahaha! I wanted to buy a Disney World bauble but they were soooo expensive.


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