Up @ the O2: Climbing a London Icon

Opened in 2012, people can climb up and over the top of the O2 Arena (aka The Millennium Dome!) in London!  Depending on whether it’s a week day or a weekend, for £25-£30 you can step into a climb suit and attach yourself to a wire system with something that looks like Pacman on a rope, while being watched by your trusty climb guide!

Ok, so the climb operates in MOST weathers…however I got 10ft up on my first attempt and had to turn around and come back down due to heavy rain and strong winds.  I returned a couple of months later, to similar conditions but not enough to stop it going ahead!  The walk way is made of springy rubber a metre or so above the roof, with a safety wire in the centre, but no sides!  It’s meant to give the impression of walking up a tent!

A good thing about the climb, is that the climb suits have a zip pocket in the sleeve, that’s just about big enough for a small digital camera or a phone.  It’s a nice touch but you can only use them once at the top.  However they do have cameras the whole way through the climb, that are set off by an electronic tag you wear on your harness.  They aren’t badly priced either, but then they are sent directly to an email address or a smart phone phone number so you don’t actually receive a hard copy unless you print them yourself.

Up at the O2

Once at the top, you’re let off the safety rope and can wander round and take as many photos etc as you like!

To be honest, the view from the top isn’t great.  Greenwich is pretty much factories and building sites.  The view of Canary Wharf is probably your best bet!

Coming down the other side, is a lot steeper than going up…it also makes it a little bit more interesting if it’s raining as the surface is all wet and slippery!

Definitely worth doing it at least once, it’s different and strange to think of all the famous people that have performed in the arena below you!  Climbs take place all year round, with a wide range of time slots including sunset and night climbs.  I done mine during October half term and was given a free big bag of Halloween Haribo sweets!

For more information go to : www.theo2.co.uk/upattheo2

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