Staying Positive During the Visa Wait

Yes, this visa wait sucks.  I’m guessing that as it’s Thanksgiving today, the people at the visa processing centre have probably got the rest of the week off too.  That’s another few days where our application is probably just sat on a desk doing nothing!  But as it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d look into the ‘not so bad side’ of waiting for the next stage to come through.  After all it’s not like I’m sitting in the corner like a depressed mess, there are some positives!

I’m still spending time with my family and friends.

I’ll probably get at least one more Christmas, one more of my birthday, one more of all of their birthday’s etc with them.  I’m not sure how many of those we’ll spend together once I’ve emigrated.

An afternoon at Southend-On-Sea with my family!

Even though all the websites suggest not quitting a job until the visa has been granted…I am.  A long way in advance too.  I have been working my butt off for years, working an awful lot of 6 day weeks for at least the last 6 years.  I know a lot of people may not be in the same position financially to be able to do this.  I have built up quite a big savings ‘pot’, I still live at home and I sold my car a few months ago (as I currently have a company vehicle) so I’ve not really got any bills that need to be paid.  It’s now time to have a bit of a break before I head off.  I have lots of plans to look forward to and to keep me busy.

Me and my Mum have been talking about ‘hanging out’ together during the afternoons, going for walks, going for an Afternoon Cream Tea, going to a spa/come whirl pool place, out for lunch, all the things I haven’t been able to do while being at work!

Of course there’ll be some travel involved!  Me and my Sis are off to Barcelona next month and we’ve been talking about a weekend in Prague  at some point near the beginning off the year too. My friend is going to Spain for a couple of months, I could go and visit her.  I plan on doing a solo last minute ‘Final Farewell to Europe’ trip, possibly visiting Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro (I’m pretty sure it’ll be those three!  I keep playing with ideas!).  I can’t really set foot in the States but if the other half can afford to fly, I’ll have the time off to see him too!

Me and the Sis in Lisbon, Portugal – summer 2015

Then there’s meeting up with other family and friends that live slightly further away!

Crazily enough, after 11 years, my favourite British band have decided to reform, I have tickets to see them for two of their shows.  I reckon the tour will be kinda close to the point when my visa MAY be due.  But then I thought with all the delays it’s currently going through, if I didn’t get tickets and then I was still in the UK, I’d be gutted if I’d missed out, so I’ve taken the gamble and bought the tickets anyway!  Would be a nice send off anyway, end of an Era type thing!

The Blog.

I plan to really work hard on this site in the New Year.  It’s almost a little bit like therapy for me and if I can help or inspire people in a similar situation, then it’s a job well done!  So I’m going to be doing a LOT of research into all the ins and outs.  At the moment I’m at work until 6pm every day so the blog only tends to get an hour of my attention in the evening, without a job, I can put more into it!


I’m a horder.  I have a whole room of memories from my 10 years of travel.  Photos, little souvenirs I’ve bought, a journal for EVERY trip I’ve ever taken, ticket stubs, leaflets, it all means too much to me to throw away so I’m going to get organised.  The old photos I’ll scan into the computer so I have a digital copy on a hard drive, I want to type up all of my journals and print them in one book.  I’m kinda looking forward to reliving some of my memories and see the type of things I’d forgotten about!  Then there’s all my other belonging.  I’ve got to decide what’s going to make the move with me and what’s not…it could take a while!

The Visa Process.

Although I’m not looking forward to the rest of it, I’ll have the time off to make sure all the paperwork is in line before it’s submitted and I’ll be able to go to appointments without the worry of if I’ll be able to get the time off work.

Today ironically the UK government announced the migration stats for this year.  There are 336,000 more people coming in to the UK compared to the amount that are leaving.  Believe me, some of us are TRYING to get out but it’s easier said than done!


2 thoughts on “Staying Positive During the Visa Wait

  1. I did the same – taking time off because I can afford to. Also I just successfully made it into the US on a visa waiver, for a week for Thanksgiving – probably the easiest immigration interview of my three years! Here’s hoping your wait passes quickly! 🙂


    1. Ohhh, thats interesting! Me and Jesse were just talking and we wondered if we used a different airport and met somewhere if we’d have trouble…like meet in Vegas and say its a holiday. I was worried that every time I’ve entered the States so far they always ask me about my job…and if i’ve quit, will they think I’ll stay as I have nothing to go home to?!


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