My ‘Adrenaline Adventures’ Bucket List

Photo taken by Whistler Bungee

Here’s a little story.  When I was younger, I was on a fairground ride, sitting on the end seat and I half came out of the gap between the harness and the ride.  Clinging on for dear life, luckily the ride operator saw me and hit the emergency stop button.  I was given the choice, did I want to get off, or switch seats.  I chose to switch and I believe this was the start of my adrenaline seeking adventures!

I’m addicted to the nerves and then feeling on top of the world and buzzing for hours after achieving something massive!  Not a lot scares me any more so I’m now constantly looking out for the next thing that may bring the feeling back or generally anything that looks cool or different!  This plays a HUGE part in my travels.


  • Hydrospeeding – I’ve been booked THREE times in various locations and each time the trip’s been cancelled!
  • Zip World (Wales)
  • Xcaret Underground River (Mexico)
  • Canal Tubing (Hawaii)
  • Flyboarding
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Dune Bashing
  • Absail the Orbit (London, UK)
  • Go on the Orbit tube slide! – opening next year (London, UK)
  • Climb to the top of a grain silo
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Canyoning
  • ‘Ride the fence’ (St. Maartin…or at least stand on the beach)
  • Surf simulator
  • Via Ferrata

(this list will get longer and longer, feel free to comment any other suggestions that I should add!)



  • Skydive (UK)
  • Parasailing (Australia)
  • Paragliding (New Zealand)
  • Bungee Jump (Canada)
  • Reverse Bungee (UK)
  • Bungee Trampoline (UK, USA)
  • Canyon Swing (New Zealand)
  • Helicopter flight (UK)
  • Bag Jump – 7m freefall jump (UK)
  • *Attraction* Sydney Harbour Bridge climb (Australia)
  • *Attraction* Sky Jump (Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, USA)
  • *Attraction* Sky Deck (Willis Tower, Chicago, USA)
Reverse Bungee Selfie!


  • Surfing (UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii)
  • Body boarding (UK)
  • Wake boarding – Cable & behind a boat (UK, Ireland, USA)
  • White Water Rafting (Australia, Slovenia)
  • Jet Boating (Australia, New Zealand)
  • The Maldon Mud Race (UK)
  • Scuba Diving (UK, Maldives, Gibraltar)
  • Snorkelling (Hawaii, Australia, Kenya, Maldives)
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding (Australia, Hawaii)
  • Zorbing on water (UK)
  • Tubing/donuting – behind a speed boat (USA)
  • Dunn’s River Waterfall climb (Jamaica)
  • Outrigger Canoe (Hawaii)
  • Kayaking (Jamaica)
  • Swim with reef sharks (Maldives)
  • 15ft cliff jump (Jamaica)
  • *Attraction* Dunn’s River waterfall climb (Jamaica)


  • Segway (UK, Hungary, USA, Denmark)
  • Segway X2 (UK, Portugal)
  • Offroad 4×4 (UK)
  • Offroad Iceland extreme 4×4 (Iceland)
  • Quad biking (UK, Canada, Hawaii, Jamaica)
  • Monster truck driving (UK)
  • Go Karting (UK, USA)
  • Passed my truck license (UK)

Climbing and Hiking


  • Sand Boarding (Australia)
  • Dry slope Snowboarding (UK)
  • Alpine Tobogganing – track (Slovenia, Jamaica)
  • Alpine Tobogganing – chute (UK)
  • Bobsleigh passenger (Sigulda, Lativa track)
  • *Attraction* Skyline Luge (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  • *Attraction* Katoomba Scenic Railway – steepest funicular in the world (Australia)

Theme Parks & Water Parks

  • Tibidabo (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Pacific Park (Santa Monica – LA, USA)
  • Six Flags (New Jersey, USA)
  • DisneyWorld, Hollywood Studios, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios (Orlando – Florida, USA)
  • Alton Towers (UK)
  • Thorpe Park (UK)
  • Chessington World of Adventures (UK)
  • Pleasure Wood Hills (UK)
  • Carter’s Steam Fair (UK)
  • The Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK’s tallest rollercoaster)
  • Rutschebanen – 100yr old roller coaster (Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Water Parks (UK, USA, Tenerife)
  • Various UK Fairgrounds/Pleasure Piers/Attractions


  • Cycling (Canada)
  • Camel Trek (Morocco)


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