Long Distance Relationship Playlist!


Music plays a pretty important part in our relationship, it’s something that despite the distance, we are able to share.  YouTube obviously allows us to link each other to songs, we can play songs through FaceTime, we’ve been to gigs together during our visits.  Music is definitely a universal language!  Here are some songs we like that relate to our long distance relationship situation!

  • Far Away – Nickelback (Our first dance at our wedding)

“‘Cause with you, I’d withstand, All of hell to hold your hand, I’d give it all, I’d give for us, Give anything but I won’t give up”

  • Alive – Adelitus Way
  • Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
  • Looking Back on Today – The Ataris (the first gig me and Jesse went to together in Chicago!)
  • Upside Down – Ross Lynch

“And I can’t wait, No, I don’t care, I’ll do what it takes, Driving all night, Catch the first flight, Just to see you…”

  • Paralyze – Gasoline Heart
  • Inseparable – Jonas Brothers
  • Hanging By a Moment – Lifehouse
  • Summer Paradise – Simple Plan (Reminds me of Jamaica!)

“My heart is sinking, As I’m lifting up above the clouds away from you, And I can’t believe I’m leaving, Oh I don’t kno-kno-know what I’m gonna do…”

  • Without You – Missing Andy (an English ‘local’ band!)
  • Want You Bad – The Offspring
  • Life Is a Highway – Rascal Flatts
  • Everything Changes – Take That

“Everything changes but you , We’re a thousand miles apart, But you know I love you…”

  • You’re The Reason – Victorious Cast
  • Cold Night – You Me At Six
  • Everytime You Go – 3 Doors Down

“I count the days until you’re back again, Back here by my side, When we’re apart it feels like, something in me, Something in me dies…”

  • I Am – David Crowder
  • Forever and Always – Bullet For My Valentine
  • Lovin’ You Is Fun – Easton Corbin
  • The Reason – Hoobastank
  • Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical

“And you can’t keep us apart (even a thousand miles, can’t keep us apart), ‘Cause my heart is wherever you are…”

  • Anywhere With You – Jake Owen
  • I Can Wait Forever – Simple Plan
  • All I Want – Staind
  • Chemistry – One Night Only
  • Someone Like You – The Summer Set

“You know that it’s true, oh oh, no matter what you do, I’d cross the world for someone like you…”

  • Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon
  • When Day Turns Into Night – Busted
  • Wherever You Are – 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Collision of Worlds – Brad Paisley ft Robbie Williams

Now Collision of Worlds I’m going to give a special mention.  It was featured in the Cars 2 film, and the lyrics are awesome!  It’s all about the differences between America and England!  (Lyrics below)

This is the music video for it, it’s well worth a listen to hear the different parts sung in the two different accents! 🙂 (video belongs to Disney Music…I own no rights to it, consider it advertising!)

At the first sign of morning light ol’ glory’s in the sky
Across the pond, it’s afternoon, and the Union Jack flies high
We’re on our first cup of coffee
We’re on our third cup of tea
And we can’t pretend to live on different planets, you and me

In this collision of worlds
Watch the new day dawn on a distant shore
In this collision of worlds
Oh, you can’t sit this out no more

Abbey Road, Route 66,
CIA to the MI-6, right lane, left lane,
Metric, imperial, pounds, dollars
Howdy, cheerio,
That V8 growl to a V12 scream
Hail to the chief, Well, God save the Queen!
Cops, Bobbies, Tabasco, Wasabi
Pistachio… Ice cream!

In this collision of worlds
Well it’s too late, you can’t stop it now
In this collision of worlds
Yeah, find you a place and just watch it now, watch it now!

Yeah, you’re a good ol’ boy
Well, you’re a decent bloke
I say it’s irony, I say it’s a joke
When I look around, now I can see
We ain’t so different, you and me

Meat and potatoes, bangers and mash
Dollars, pounds, dosh, cash
Autobahn, to the rising sun
The I10, to the M1
Congress, Parliament, President, The Queen!
Petrol, you say gasoline
Now grab your bird, and get your girl
Now it’s a small world!

Collision of worlds
Watch the new day dawn on a distant shore
In this collision of worlds
No, you can’t sit this out no more
It’s a collision of worlds
It’s too late and you can’t stop it now
Collision of worlds
Find you a place and watch it now

Feel free to suggest any more, we’re always open minded when it comes to new music!


2 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship Playlist!

  1. Ah new tunes to try – fantastic! I will give these a try. Nickelback played a major part in our relationship/wedding too! I see we also have The Calling, Lifehouse and 3 Doors Down in common.
    Ok a couple of songs for you to try from our wedding play list:
    Snow Patrol – Set the Fire to the Third Bar.
    Dave Matthews Band – Steady As We Go
    Staind – So Far Away
    Hope you enjoy them!


    1. Cool thank you! I’ll give them a listen! Nickelback is a bit ironic though when it’s like ‘coz i’m not leaving you anymore’…but we did have to say goodbye again and now it’s the waiting game on when we’ll see each other again!


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