10 Reasons To Stay In A Maldives Water Bungalow!

Last Updated on June 12, 2021

Staying in a Water Bungalow is a once in a life time room upgrade that you can only really warrant spending the money on for a special occasion like a Honeymoon. (I’m talking $300 extra PER NIGHT and that’s for a cheap one).  For our Honeymoon we went to a 3 star resort in the Maldives, I’m used to motels, hostels and camping and I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable and out of place in a 5 star resort…plus our budget wouldn’t stretch quite THAT far!  Our water bungalow was slightly outdated and basic but it’s ruined my future travels forever…I’ll never be satisfied with a normal hotel room again!  Here’s why.

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10 Reasons To Stay In A Water Bungalow

1. This is on your front door step…

I loved being able to look back at the island!  Some resorts have golf buggies but I really enjoyed walking along the boardwalk to go for dinner etc.  The walkway did get very HOT though so shoes were a must!  We decided to swim to the island from our bungalow one day and then had to run the whole way back!  There were little bowls of water at the start of the path to wash the sand off your feet!

Maldives Water Bungalow looking back towards island

2. How’s this for your BACK door step?

You get the best of both of both worlds, island views at the front and then endless sea views from the back.

Maldives Sunset from water bungalow

3. You wake up to views like this from your bed…

I kept a window blind open every night so I didn’t miss out.  We even had breakfast delivered to our room one morning and ate on our deck!  We preferred to go and eat at the restaurant but it was nice to experience it once!

Maldives Water Bungalow Bedroom

4. Toilet with a view? How about a glass shower?

Don’t worry, the glass was one way!  At the resort I stayed at, there were 2 types of bungalows, the older ones and the newer ones.  The newer ones had glass bathrooms and the older ones had a glass floor panel in the bedroom, so these are extra features to keep in mind!

Maldives glass shower in water bungalow

5. There’s never a fight for a sun lounger, the ones on your deck are all yours!

I get a little stressed when it comes it fighting for sun loungers, it really annoys me when people reserve them with towels or disappear and return to them hours later!  Our deck had sun for the majority of the day, however there was a small area of shade if you sat close to the bungalow.  I just moved the sun lounger around according to where I felt like sitting.

maldives water bungalow deck

6. You don’t have to worry about making up a beach bag…your whole room is at your disposal…including the bathroom (no debates about peeing in the sea!)

This was amazing.  We could keep water cold in the fridge, if we went for a swim we didn’t have to worry about people taking our stuff.  It was nice not having a fence around the deck either so the view was never obstructed!

Maldives Overwater Villa deck reading an e-reader

7. Even better, there’s no chance of sand destroying your gadgets or getting stuck to wet swimming costumes or snorkel gear!

I love the beach.  A lot.  Ironically I really love desert landscapes.  But I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to being annoyed with sand.  It gets everywhere!  Sticks to wet towels and swimwear, gets in your bags etc!  Having a water bungalow deck means you can enjoy the water and avoid the beach!

8. Fancy a swim? No problem…I give you, a private ladder from your private deck straight into the sea.

Maldives overwater bungalow ladder into the ocean

This was my number one must have when looking for overwater bungalows.  Most come with this feature, but some don’t.  (Actually I really wanted a private slide but beggars can’t be choosers!).  They do get slippery and they do get hot but ahhh it was amazing!  I did slip down one on the main walkway, hit my bum on every step, went splash and thought I was going to drown because I was laughing so much!  The water around my bungalow wasn’t actually that deep so we couldn’t jump in or anything like that.

As we were already half way out in the sea, it then put us closer to the house reef, it was just a short swim from our deck and we even saw turtles!

9. You don’t miss out in the evenings either, a couple of nights we saw a shark swim right in front of our bungalow, with help from the deck spotlight!

There wasn’t a huge amount of colourful fish, the ones in the shallows were quite dull colours so sometimes they were hard to see at night.  But we liked to sit on the edge and watch the water regardless.

Maldives Water Bungalow Night

10. Last but not least, you get to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean <3

It’s one of my favourite sounds and even with the doors shut you could still hear the water around the bungalow!  I didn’t see any mosquitos so I’m sure you could even leave the door open if you wanted too!

A stay in a Maldives water bungalow doesn’t even have to be expensive!  I stayed at the Adaaran Club Rannalhi Resort which was perfect for a budget stay in the Maldives!

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10 Reasons to stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives

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  1. This sounds just totally amazing. Staying in a Water Villa is one of the few dreams I wasn’t able to come true so far. Howver, I definitely have to stay at one rather sooner than later and if it’s just for a review for my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It was right up there on my list of goals too and it did not disappoint! I’m sure you’ll get there one day! Like I mentioned in my post, to cut costs we went for a more budget casual resort and it was still perfect!

      1. Sounds like a very good recommendation indeed. Maybe I’ll also the have the pleasure to enjoy one of the ultra luxurious ones with miles & points! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Exactly! Always good to have something to aim for! I don’t normally spend heaps on accommodation as it’s just a place to go to sleep in! I’d rather be out exploring!

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