Our CR1 Spousal Visa Timeline

I understand that circumstances can differ depending on lots of different factors.  This is our experience of the I 130 petition for the CR1 Spousal Visa, which we started in September 2015.

The applicant (my husband) is: living in the USA, and is a USA citizen by birth.

I am obviously his Spouse (which ‘fast tracks’ me), born and living in the UK.



18/9/15 – I 130 petition posted to the dropbox in Chicago

21/9/15 – I 130 petition received

23/9/15 – Email notification received, letting us know we’ll be getting a receipt with our case number within 7-10 days

29/9/15 – Form I-797 notice of receipt received in the mail, allowing us now to sign into the uscis.gov website using our receipt number to keep track of our application status


8/2/16 (I 130 approval time for spouse = 141 days) – USCIS approved our I 130 petition (email notification)

11/2/16 – NOA1 received in the mail

18/2/16 – USCIS sent application to the National Visa Centre (NVC)


10/3/16 – NVC Welcome Letter received in the mail (USA) with our NVC case number

11/3/16 – AOS Fee paid and Choice of Agent submitted online

22/3/16 – NVC Welcome Letter received in the mail (UK)

23/3/16 – IV fee invoice received via email

25/3/16 – IV fee paid online

30/3/16 – IV form (DS260) filled in and submitted online


14/4/16 – AOS pack mailed to NVC

18/4/16 – NVC received AOS Pack


3/5/16 – Email received from NVC saying pack was received and there’s currently a 30 day processing wait

25/5/16 – Email received from the NVC saying they have now got in touch with the London Embassy and are awaiting an interview date for me

26/5/16 – Embassy interview date given for 6th July

31/5/16 – Medical booked for 14th June


14/6/16 – Medical at Knightsbridge Doctors in London


6/7/16 – Interview at the American Embassy, London.  VISA GRANTED

11/7/16 – Email saying that the London Embassy has sent my passport to the courier

12/7/16 – Visa pack arrived by courier, containing a sealed pack to be handed to immigration in America, my passport and 2 information sheets

16/7/16 – Green Card fee paid online


11/08/16 (330days) – Arrival in USA

22/08/16 – Social Security Number received in post


29/09/16 – Green Card arrives in mail

Spouse visa USA processing times = 330 DAYS

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USA Green Card CR1 Spouse Visa Timeline

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