How Our Story Began…

Everyone seems to go all gooey whenever I have to re-tell the story of how me and Jesse met.  It’s been referred to as a fairy tale and makes people feel happy that despite all the negativity in the world, there are still glimpses of positivity.

So here I go again for the 5millionth time!

Once upon a time on a rainy day in Jamaica, a little solo traveller called Kylie had used up her tiny amount of Wifi allowance, refused to go back to her room and stare at the tree trunks that was the view from her balcony and was annoyed that an afternoon chilling on the beach was now out the question…

Jamaica pool

Not being one to waste my time when I travel, I decided to go to the pool and swim, I’d already be wet in the pool so rain wouldn’t effect that!  After a couple of laps I rewarded myself with a beer at the swim up bar, sat down at a table by myself with the intention of then going and finding something else to do once I’d finished.  An American lady came over and couldn’t believe I was just sat by myself on holiday, ‘Come over and join our group at the bar!  None of us know each other, we all just met today!!!’.  Not wanting to look boring, I went over, I have no problem sparking up conversation with other travellers, I have met people all over the world on various trips but the only seat left was next to the ‘dude’ which automatically filled me with dread thinking ‘oh great he’s never going to want to talk to me’…and how wrong was I!! It was crazy, it was like we were doubles of each other, we were a year apart in age, we liked the same bands, we had jobs in the same industry, we acted the same, had the same opinions, liked the same TV shows…even though we lived 4000 miles apart on 2 separate continents.  For example, because of my travelling, hardly no one in England had heard of my favourite sport, wake boarding, which I learnt while working in America in 2008, I’m forever having to explain what it is, not only did Jesse know what it was, he had his own wake board and does it to!!  I was impressed, I think he was more impressed that I was a girl that drunk beer!

He was travelling with his sister, Jaime, and from that afternoon we were all inseparable for the next few days.  We were almost child-like.  They snuck me into their pre-booked dinner reservations, we’d sit on the beach making sand castles, we went snorkelling, kayaking, played pool volleyball.  We had no mobile phones so had to go back to the old fashioned ‘right meet at that plant at 7pm’ and just hope that everyone was running on time and would turn up when planned!  It was horrible when they left.  I’m fine travelling by myself but after they went, I felt more alone than ever.

We switched Facebook details and spoke every single day once we were both home (and still our chain hasn’t broken!), the 6 hour time difference and 4000 mile gap meant nothing.  We’d FaceTime several times a week as well as the constant messaging.  Two weeks later, I had a flight booked to Chicago to meet up with him and Jaime again for a long weekend.  It was like we had never been apart!

15 thoughts on “How Our Story Began…

  1. You never know when you will meet someone that will totally change you life! Glad things are working out so well.


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